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Dreams are most profound when they seem the most crazy
- Sigmund Freud

It has to be said that I do love a good cloud, Chile delivered with plenty to spare. Driving back from Torres del Paine National Park late one evening, i looked in the rear view mirror and this was a sight to behold. It was truly surreal. Not the most creative of compositions I know. 
But man…look at that cloud!

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I’ve recently had the pleasure to ask multiple awarded fine-art photographer Michael Levin a few questions for a short interview on the challenges he’s facing with people trying to emulate the aesthetics of his work, his own favourite photographs, an advice to aspiring fine-art photographers and on his new KOYO virtual workshop that intrigued me as a new way of teaching workshops

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Nice one, by +Paul Watmough!
Catching a lift / repost of one of my favourite shots of last year! hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

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I'll give it a try.
One Day Only: Free +onOne Software Perfect Effects 8!

If you've ever wanted to permanently try onOne Software's Perfect Effects, now is your chance! They are offering the software for FREE (expires tomorrow, January 28 2014). Hurry!!!

I love their software so much that I'm currently writing an eBook about it! The entire Perfect Photo Suite has so much to offer ... one of my favorites is Perfect Mask (great for replacing skies, here's a link to a recent video tutorial of mine:

Thanks for the heads up, +Matt Kloskowski :)

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Light Painting
Shooting light spheres with my mate Te Reotakiwa Dunn from New Zealand.
He's an incredibly talented musician. If you like contemporary Maori music, check out his website:

#sphere #lightsphere #lightpainting #lightpaintingphotography

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Offer: 7 days free unlimited access to tutorials

I'm not associated with them but I totally love their video tutorials - and they have a big photography section as well.

How the free trial works:
You’ll get 7 days of free unlimited access to We’ll ask for your billing information, but you won’t be charged unless you continue with a paid membership after the trial. Your membership will include access to all 2,318 courses. Choose a premium membership for downloadable exercise files that let you work along with the instructors.

You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade online at any time; if you don’t cancel before the trial ends, your paid membership will automatically begin.


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Professional Dancer from Guadeloupe
[Olympus OM-D, Lightroom]

#portrait #portraitphotography #women #portraittuesday #dance #dancer #dancing  

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There is even more pictures on the project website:

Worth watching.
Stunning Portraits Of The Worlds Remotest Tribes Before They Pass Away

Its a sad indictment on the human race when we can make our own kind extinct, these are stunning portraits but I get the feeling that generations to come will only be able to see these as the tribes will not longer exist. 

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Wonderful shot by +Paul Watmough!
Definitely worth circling :)
Late / This is a repost just to give you all a break from my exotic travels  Maybe you have seen it before but its one of my early favorites shot at Berlin Train station. 

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