UK research impact: some numbers from the last assessment

So what do we have? 1226 impact case studies in engineering, physical sciences, and maths, that do we have. Covering, roughly, the time period 2007-2014.

Cost of research:

The case studies cite around £2.1 billion of direct investment from UK government, EU, and industry.

On top of that, there are costs of ca. £5 billion for "further development and commercialisation".

Quantified benefits of research:

£16.2 billion cost savings (of which £5.9 billion are in the public sector and £10.3 billion are in the private sector)

394 new businesses (spin-out companies), representing ~47,000 jobs and a contribution of ~£4 billion to the economy.

Revenue from additional sales and other economic activity worth £61.1 billion.
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