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I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg is on Google+...
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Wow, that is interesting. Do you think that's the real one? The photo sure looks ad-hoc.
Seems like it was transferred from a former Google profile maybe? My photo was initially that pixelated too.
Yu thik he might use a handle? Like HunkyZucky72 maybe?
Well if Tristan's theory that it was transferred from a former Google profile is correct, and that sorta feels right, then it would be enough that Mark had created a Gmail account with his real name and added a photo. Bam. That is to say, he might not actually be on Google+ yet, but since the profiles are part of Google+, it looks as though he is.
They collapse comments into "older comments", unless someone +1'ed them.
Seems legit enough. His contacts are also Facebook people.
no phone number on his about, shame lol
lol, hes straight into my friends circle ;)
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