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It's come to my attention that I'm a rather boring follow in Google+. That is because I rarely share stuff publicly here. Why don't I? Because I already share a metric ton of hot air on Twitter (so I guess you could follow me there if you're into that, The main benefit of Google+, as it's emerging for me, is the fact that I can limit stuff, base it on language, interests and more.

On the flipside, if I do share stuff with you, it means I truly, dearly, love you.
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Coming back to this - I'm beginning to think that the premise for Google+ to work for me is that everyone has to think of what I like to see, and not what they like to share. Kind of the other way around. And I'm pretty sure I'm expecting too much of my fellow web-people.

Otherwise it'll just be switching between 10 different filters (streams) in order to feel that this is different from Facebook, and then what's the point?
+Rasmus Landgreen I came to the same realization somewhat in tandem with this post, which made me rethink and redo my circles. I didn't want to share my crap with everyone (that's what twitter is for), so I created "Danish shares" and "English shares" which I now share to. Works perfectly.
Agree - but can you expect the same of everyone else?
Of course not. But if the problem is "stream overflow", this is Google, I expect them to fix that and do a better job of showing me what's intersting. If nothing else, they'll probably allow me to choose a default stream in the future.
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