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Joelle Cottle
WordPress Designer & Logo Specialist
WordPress Designer & Logo Specialist

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I'm interested.
Calling all designers!
I am involved in a project that will be needing Genesis designers to design websites on a regular basis.
I can't give out the details at this time, but I am looking for those that may be interested as goto designers for my customers once the project is underway.
I am looking to price the sites around $1000 and 100% of which will go to the designer.
I know that may seem on the low side for a website, but the work will be steady and the sites will be mostly straight forward in terms of complexity. As a designer all you need to do is design the child theme and the rest will be manged on my end.
Again can't give details at this time but if you are interested please let me know and I will keep you posted.

#genesiswp I have a 2-part question: Is there a way to set the default layout as full-page for an entire Genesis site except for single posts? Also, is there  a conditional for is_single() that does not include Custom Post tyoes. Like: All single posts except CPT?

So... a client of mine is looking to setup a catalog with a pretty big inventory. They eventually want to add payment processing, but that's in the future (way in the future), but no online payments yet. Would Woocommerce and the "Catalog Visibility Options" be a good solution. Any better solution? Does Woo play well with Genesis, or should i think about using a Woocommerce specific theme and customize?

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Ha ha

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This is really cute. Be sure to check out the actual brand book.

I'm looking for a really good gallery plugin. Nextgen is a bit too big and complicated. I'm looking for something simpler, that allows for multiple galleries, and sorting of categories in a gallery.

What gallery plugins do you use?

How do you know it's time to redesign your website? Read this srticle and you'll find out.

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