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Learn over lunch! Come view a curated list of online videos on a popular topic. International Programs and Services and Staff Council co-host.® lunches occur quasi-monthly on the UMD campus around the noon hour. Each one is a partnership with Staff Council and another unit on campus.

After brief introductions, we'll play a roughly 30–40 minute curated list of online videos on a topic voted on by the campus and community. The last 20 minutes or so is for open discussions. 

The event is free and open to anyone. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lunch.

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Drupal Update
DATE: June 2, 2014  FROM: ITSS TO: UMD Web Developer Community Drupal Update - June 2014 We'd like to provide a brief update on the Drupal project for the UMD campus, including work completed to date, a possible time line for roll-out, and steps units can t...

I need assistance altering the custom URL that has been offered to a page I manage.

I manage a page for the university I work at. This page was converted from a local maps listing. At some point after I converted the page, the name changed from "University of Minnesota Duluth" to "University of Minnesota at Duluth". I'm not sure how this happened. While it was named improperly, it was offered a custom URL of I have since renamed the page back.

I won't accept this URL. How can I get

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Drupal Announcement
I have some good news and I have some bad news. I'll start with the good. The enterprise Drupal solution that we've all been waiting (patiently) for is now available! The bad news is that we at  UMD will have to wait a little while longer . There are many q...

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Design Roll Out
We expect the new headers and footers to be available to the campus by the end of fall semester. If you are building a new site or revamping a current one, using the UMD Templates  or header and footer (virtual) includes will help ensure that your website i...

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Full design tomorrow!
If you're new to the blog,  welcome ! Please feel free to ask me anything related to the website redesign project. I respond to all comments and questions. We're one day away from launching the full design for the new home page! It's taken a month of hard w...

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Presentation Today
During the technology fall update today, I will be giving some updates on the new home page design, next steps, and Drupal. I will hopefu...

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What would a year in your life look like as a 6 minute video?

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So true!
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