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Joel Yoder
A designer with a love for type, technology, and vector graphics.
A designer with a love for type, technology, and vector graphics.


I have a question about filtering expressions. The CMS I use has an internal page numbering system, that you should only be reaching via the admin backend. All of the URLs look like this:

How would I set up a filter for all URLs including "/index.php?cID="? I've been reading up on expressions and I can't figure out how to target that specifically.

I have GA showing duplicate results under Content Drilldown - single pages are listed as two separate line items like: "/example" and "/example/"

Either link takes you to the same page, so I need to combine these results, if not retroactively at least for future results. Is there any way to get GA to view hits for both URLs as the same 'page'?

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This is remarkably evil and brilliant!
"After trying out standard protocol, IT asked if there have been any recent changes in the executive’s life. He said he quit smoking and switched to e-cigs. The IT team inspected the e-cigarette, and found that it was a shady brand from China that, as it turned out, was loaded with malware."


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I am happy to report that my website/portfolio is finally 100% updated! If you're one who likes to peruse graphic design, you can check it out at

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You can help but smile with this video. :D

So... When are us older #Android #Nexus users going to get the KitKat update?

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Its one walled garden or another, folks. That said, I still prefer #Android.

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 118

Every time I log onto Google Plus, I find better and better changes. It's a shame the network is under-appreciated. 

+Adam Dachis After being harassed to on the podcast, you've managed to talk me into spending a few minutes and enabling two-factor authentication on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I needed the push.
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