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Hints of Black Singlets, Bicultural heritage, practicality and a nod to Māori. #hypnoflag rizes #nzflag
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This piece about sexual capitalism in polyamory is quite thought-provoking, despite its two-dimensionality. It would achieve much if it didn't limit itself to approaching the issue of unethical behavior in polyamorous relationships through a facile heterosexual lens that describes the dynamic between cisgender men and women as one that exists completely removed from any other form of privilege and oppression. This oversimplification makes the subject matter easier to write, but it does the topic a disservice. If we have learned anything since the second wave, it is that "ceteris paribus" doesn't translate as usefully into feminism as other economics concepts do. 

A great many things play into what constitutes sexual capital, and there are a number of ways that active exploitation and passive consumerism can make themselves manifest in relationships -- not only those in polyamorous configurations, but also in monogamous ones, as well as in zipless fucks/hook-up culture. This is something I would like to think about and discuss at more length, so I leave this here with you.

(Link via +Kitty Stryker)  
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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One of the reasons I try to avoid purchases from Amazon's eco-system is a complete and total disagreement with their company culture and Values.
The company is conducting an experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers to get them to achieve its ever-expanding ambitions.
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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The U.S. team Evil Geniuses won the Dota 2 international championship. These are the photos and videos that you can't miss.
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These are the official selection for further consideration before its whittled down to 4 on the referendum. 
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We should use Red white green and black pallete. No other nations has that colour combo 
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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Why should #datacenter operators care about #OpenSource? Find out
Open tech community leaders make the case for open source in the data center Read More
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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I have been moving a bunch of servers and services from #OpenVPN to the Excellent (but quirky; hey it's a university project... what do you expect) #SoftEtherVPN.

A couple of initial notes; I find using the github repo ( )  and compiling far more convenient than hunting for PPA's or using their strange download portal. Since I have fedora22, Ubuntu 15.04 and 15.10(Wily Warewolf) system's all of which are systemd based I've had to craft  some systemd scripts. (Mainly for clients). And find out nice ways of getting the vpnclient to interact with network scripts.

To that end for Ubuntu 15.04 / 15.10  here is a quick recipe for the client:

* 1: Clone Git

**git clone**

* 2: get dependencies

*apt-get install libreadline-dev ncurses-dev libssl-dev*

*3: Build and Install
** cd SofEtherVPN**
** ./configure**
**./make install**
Note: this puts things into an odd place i.e /usr/vpn[bridge server client cmd] - did I mention it's quirky

*4: Setup a systemd service for the vpnclient
** vi /etc/systemd/system/vpnclient.service**
Add the following to it
**[Unit]                                                                          ·········Description=Softether VPNClient Daemon                                          ·········
[Service]                                                                       ·········
ExecStart=/usr/vpnclient/vpnclient start                                        ·········
Type=forking                                                                    ·········
[Install]                                                                       ·········     

You can now control the vpnclient via systemd (esoteric logging means if you want syslog like functions you have to run the full server and set a bunch of options inside it's main config file) otherwise logs get spat out in the /usr/vpn[x] direcotry ;-/

Configure your vpn using vpncmd as per the softether website instructions.

You should be able to get up your vpn at this point and have an unaddressed tap device in your ip link list. Now for ubuntu I found using the allow-hotplug directive on the softether created tap device works best.

doing something like

** allow-hotplug vpn_vpn0**
*iface vpn_vpn0 inet static*
*address X.X.X.X*
*netmask X.X.X.X*

will mean the second the softether vpn device comes up it will get connected. Depending on the particular softether configuration this will 'just work' as soon as the vpnclient connects.

This kinda works with dhcp as well, but requires manual if-up if-downing due to some link state flag not getting flicked and the network init script system not triggering a refresh when the tap adaptor shows up.
SoftEtherVPN - A Free Cross-platform Multi-protocol VPN Software, developed by SoftEther VPN Project at University of Tsukuba, Japan.
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There a few features which make if appealing. Performance is the primary use case for me. It allows for multiple TCP connection bonding and respawning by default. It also has tuned the https forwarding path so that it adheres to "good behaviour' meaning it cuts through http proxies well. The connection bonding I'd achievable with openvpn if you have user space tools like lftp and using a UDP trasport. But softether gives you that by default.

It also gives a single unified broker that supports multiple vpn protocols and listeners terminated to the same tap device.

A feature that some users like is the userspace Nat implementation. Personally I don't use thst as it's slow.

Also has pretty good user management and cert generation features.

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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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Some photos from our installation *Light Blades * in Opera House Lane, part of +Wellington LUX
Amazing to see people playing and enjoying the festival.
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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July 18, 2015 • 20 days • 73 moments
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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This Almost makes me want to have kids to have an excuse for this : 
It looks like the 2015 Best Parent of the Year Award is all but a lock for Australian Instructables user ‘Tez_Gelmir’ who built this custom Return of the Jedi Speeder Bike rocking horse for his daughter. And Tez gets bonus points for meticulously documenting its construction, and sharing those details with the world.
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Why do you need kids for this? Just replace the rocking chair on the front porch with one of these. And if you build it right, you also don't need a shotgun close handy for scaring the damn kids of your lawn.... :)
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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Aww #nzflag
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(I have to say though I like the 'Manawa' ones, either colour scheme)
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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Why should #datacenter operators care about #OpenSource? Find out
Open tech community leaders make the case for open source in the data center Read More
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Bubbletea and Tea's with Contemporary Chinese cuisine on offer until 1030
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Basically the Corporate pencil skirted Kanata version of hooters. Waitresses only interested in big tables/groups. Was unable to leave easily as a "but I wasn't your waiter" discussion ensued when trying to pay and leave.
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Useless. Sat down waited 10 mins for service then in between sitting down and being served was told kitchen had shut. Unimpressed
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I am picky with Thai food. I cook a lot and have lived in Various parts of Thailand and SE Asia. So I was excited when I saw the menu. This resto probably has some of the best Sai au (northern fermented pork sausage) outside of North Thailand. Their Moo Larp is also very authentic. Atmosphere tries to emulate a small local neighborhood resto/pub in Thailand; and considering it's in the middle of soulless Toronto does a good job. But the main attraction is the food.
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