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+ICC Cricket World Cup​ may have stomped on freedom of expression, and used rights laws to squash any hopes of the +Alternative Commentary​ collective ; @theaccnz - from broadcasting the +BLACKCAPS​ vs #Australia cricket final Tomorrow in the #cwc but they have not crushed the spirit of poop and fart jokes in which Good keen New Zealand sofa commentary exists.

Long live Brendon McCullum, long live The Jim Hickey Pool Party and long live The ACC!
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Watching the Cricket World Cup semi final between #NewZealand and #southafrica   : Listening to the
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One Love: The Very Best Of Aotearoa Reggae, out now, feat Hallelujah Picassos!
This cool new compilation aims to pull together a cross section of our nation's affinity with reggae, going back to the influence felt from Bob Marley's historic 1979 concert here. You get early local pioneers Herbs (a great early cut, Dragons and Demons , ...
This cool new compilation aims to pull together a cross section of our nation's affinity with reggae, going back to the influence felt from Bob Marley's historic 1979 concert here. You get early local pioneers Herbs (a great ...
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Plan to use Drones and Data mining to stop Poaching in #affrica
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mean bro whaaa that's a big place
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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Hopefully my last note to the #ietf #homenet #ietf92  mailing list for a while.


I have unsubscribed from the homenet mailing list. In fact, all ietf
mailing lists. I realize, like multiple spy agencies, and the mafia,
that the only way to truly leave the ietf is feet first, but for the
next 6 months, I would rather get some coding done, because in my
world, it is code that is law, and code that comes first.

As for the renumbering and other problems homenet is coping with...

My basic request was basically that everyone on homenet dogfood what exists (hnetd, babel) to see all the real problems renumbering induces on their networks, their printers, OSes, and devices like file
servers, audio gear, roku, any of the thousands of devices now
available that semi-support ipv6, etc. Go have a shopping spree on

I had also distributed a poll, to which there were 27+ replies,
describing the complexities of their home networks. I assert that many
home networks, not maintained by geeks, also have weirdnesses and
complexities. Small business networks are even more complex. I had hoped that with the publication of all those results from that poll that it would begin to sink in just how complex home networks already are, and how simplistic solutions, and simplistic testing and simplistic documents and code were not going to get anywhere. And that arbitrarily renumbering every device in someones home was rather invasive, after decades of stability with nat and ipv4.

If we can get users of hnetd above 5, perhaps with some of those poll
respondents, and a few people power cycling their ipv6 capable
cablemodems in particular on a regular basis, I think the real issues
would start to emerge.

Did the plugfest happen? If not, I would like everyone here to stay
home at the next ietf, expend 100 bucks or so on a couple openwrt
capable routers, and try to make each incremental bit of brokeness
better, and donate their savings in travel and hotel costs to some
suitable charity like SPI or ISC.

It would be better of course if everyone just started dogfooding
before getting home from this ietf.

I´ve dogfooded homenet products enough now - babeld with diversity
routing and source specific routing works great, at least over my
networks with ethernet and wifi. Everything else, not so much.

I have no desire to further subject my own networks and users to
arbitrary renumbering without truly tight bindings between ip
addresses and dns on common devices which simply does not exist today.

the dns work seems to have got no attention in a very long time,
either, even less than hnetd did.

I care far more about fixing queue management, and wifi in particular,
to give a damn about people at ipv6 step 18 ( a miracle happens ) when stuff at step 0 (dhcpv6 clients and servers suck, hnetd is the systemd of  embedded, the ISIS debate a futile joke) is so badly borken.

You´re on your own folks. Keep banging the rocks together. Openwrt
chaos calmer will freeze in few weeks with what exists, and the
embedded world will be stuck with that for another year, with a productization pipeline 5+ years long.

In my case for what few IPv6 addrs I need, I get via a simple curl
script and cgi interface over ipv4. I use /128s. If anyone wants a
copy of that I can put it on github.

If it were up to me, I would make a strong play again for a mandate
for dedicated ipv6/48 addresses, portable across providers, assigned
to one´s home along with the physical address of the street. The
address itself is the only strong, safe identifier we have.

Please feel free to cc me on issues that I might care about, but that
is mostly just fixing wifi queue management these days, which is
eating all my time. I certainly wouldn´t mind if more folk joined the
make-wifi-fast effort instead of wasting time on pointless arguments
in homenet. To me, making wifi work better - given the projected
growth in it over the next 4 years in the 10 billion device range - is
far more important than ipv6 is, right now.

My current builds of openwrt chaos calmer, which include the gui
(unlike the openwrt nightlys), a bunch of wifi fixes, full support for
all methods of getting ipv6 addrs, some experimental queuing
disciplines, babels, some test tools, with hnetd and the dns proxy
installable optionally are at:

for about 240 platforms, many of which you can buy off the shelf for
under 100 dollars. Presently I am evaluating the archer c7v2 as a
replacement platform for the old wndr3800. I would still advise people
just track the main nightlies.
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Joel Wirāmu Pauling

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I propose that some org start giving out "The Internet Pioneers Award" -  featuring a statuette of an engineer, chained to a rock, marketroids eating his guts out, patent lawyers plucking out his eyes, a dozen arrows in his back, with hands outstretched - holding up a shiny new piece of technology.
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Lew Kuan Yew  dies; no fret Monarchy continues with his son Lee Hsien Long. Sorry did I say Monarchy I meant democratically elected leader.
As prime minister for 31 years, Mr. Lee transformed the tiny island outpost into a modern, affluent city-state admired for its efficiency and low level of corruption.
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I was half expecting them to do what the Thai's seem to have done with the King; pickle him and wheel him out for occasional photo shoots
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And this Dear Friends, is why I do not give any shits about Michelin star ratings and nor should you.
It actually makes a lot of sense. It's also genius marketing. But really, how did the world's most talented chefs and esteemed restaurants and come to be 
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Nice work from Weta Digital et al
Secretive startup Magic Leap demos its augmented reality concept in new video

Post by +Jimmy Westenberg 
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Not thai, is PRC Chinese run food isn't thai in the least.
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Ambience: appears to suffer from being a product of it's own success. Frenetic and Crowded. As others have said stacked with bored stay at home-parents. Terrible layout of counters and tables mean you are boxed in by the line of people waiting to be served. They need to separate dining and display/counter areas desperately. How about the disused book shop area perhaps? Service: I was sitting at a table for nearly 30min waiting for other people to arrive and not ONCE was I approached by staff. Even without full table service this should be a no-no especially given limited seating. Food: Conclusion: If Duchess is; is as others have suggested - trying to be the 'best' then they need to adequately expand their staff/seating/counter options to meet demand whilst still retaining atmosphere. Currently in state of Hipster Deluge overflow.
• • •
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Nice central location in QC, nice view and clean. Has a spa pool/hot tub.
Public - 3 weeks ago
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First cafe I have found in Canada to offer Lemon Honey and Ginger. Great espresso for North America. Decor is a little sparse as is the fashion at the moment for hip cafes. Only complaint is they need some outdoor seating.
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Drinks are of Crazy crazy proportion. As in show off rediculous, no one can eat that. MURICA size. My taro bubble tea came stacked twice as high as already sizeable mug it was in and required a cup to spoon off top into. Cuisine is ok, comes with Chinese style sides for some dishes (tomato egg, century egg, beans, cabbage). Ma Po Tofu was tasty but they added too much La Gan Ma sauce when I asked for it extra spicy, so it was way too salty.
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Good music and Barista's know how to do Long shots.
Public - 4 weeks ago
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Food was pretty good, service staff greeting and manager stared down their nose at me as did several gruff patrons. Full of people who believe that class comes in a expensive suit and a bullshit attitude. Again food was good
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