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Joel Wilkinson
Art dealer, art collecting, paintings, works on paper, art receptions.
Art dealer, art collecting, paintings, works on paper, art receptions.


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50/50 GOLD 1968-2018 — exhibition of works by Tom Dimond and Terry Jarrard-Dimond at the Anderson Arts Center, OPENS SEPT 7, 2018.

Works created during five decades from 1968-2018. Featuring Tom’s paintings and prints, as well as Terry’s fiber constructions, sculpture, and paintings. The exhibition celebrates 50 years of marriage and and making art.

RECEPTION — Friday, September 7 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM

Anderson Arts Center
110 Federal Street
Anderson, SC 29625

Art Center hours:
Tue-Fri 9:30am - 5:30pm
CLOSED Saturday - Sunday

L: Kimono, Terry Jarrard-Dimond. Oil and cold wax.
R: Look Up, Tom Dimond. Collage.

#tomdimond #terryjarrarddimond #artexhibition

You are invited to ART OPEN HOUSE on Saturday April 7, 2018, from 5pm until 8pm. Location is the residence of Joel Wilkinson, downtown Greenville SC area. For GPS directions, enter: 39 Blair St, Greenville SC 29607
Drop in any time 5pm until 8pm. SHARE and bring friends!

Presenting a collection of printmaking and other works on paper for sale by the following artists:

Marty Epp-Carter, Steven Chapp, Donald Collins, Terry Jarrard-Dimond, Tom Dimond, Phil Garrett, Luis Jarramillo, Nancy Jaramillo, Catherine Labbé, Freda Sue.

Follow these artists and events here:


You'll discover recognized artists based in the Upstate Greenville, South Carolina area. Greenville is a focal point for the studios of painters, printmakers and other artists. Here, you will find printmaking, drawing, collage, and painting.

Thank you,
Joel Wilkinson

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SATURDAY JULY 1 — You are invited to Saturday's Special Exhibition and Lecture on King Snake Press Monotypes at Hampton III Gallery, with Kevin Grogan, director and curator of the Morris Museum of Art, Augusta GA.

The Morris Museum Of Art is interested in acquiring a definitive collection of monotypes produced by King Snake Press in collaboration with a significant group of artists over the past 2 decades. Grogan will talk about these works and the need for donations to support acquisition by the Morris Museum. The exhibition will be up for ONE DAY only. Details below.

Thank you,
Phil Garrett

DATE: Saturday July 1, 2017
TIMES: 10am-5pm
PRESENTATION: 2:00pm Kevin Grogan, director, Morris Museum
LOCATION: Hampton III Gallery, 3110 Wade Hampton Blvd., Taylors, SC 29687. Tel: 864-268-2771


“the Morris’s acquisition of 20-25 monotypes, would enable the museum to help secure the reputation of King Snake Press as the preeminent print studio of its type. In addition to the acquisition of the collection — I propose that we also collaborate on the creation of a catalogue of the collection. It will include a history of King Snake Press, a statement from you (Phil Garrett) as its founder, a brief introduction to the monotype, reproductions of all 20-25 works in the collection, and brief biographies of each of the artists who are represented in it.” —- Kevin Grogan, director, Morris Museum of Art

NOTE: A significant amount will need to be raised to achieve this important acquisition. All donations should be made to the Morris Museum for the King Snake Press Collection. For information, please call the museum at 706-724-7501.

Hampton III Gallery, Ltd.
Morris Museum of Art

New residents and short-stay visitors certainly seek out their interests when in Greenville, if their schedule allows checking out what our area has to offer. Those who collect art or have strong interest in 2-D and 3-D art will easily find museums and our few galleries, but there's more to the art community in Greenville than what's listed in visitors bureau information and other paid forms of advertising. Works by recognized artists are in found at print fairs, studios, studio galleries, dealers in residential settings and more. If you have the time, you can connect with these artists and their works.

One art source:

More about Greenville:

"Greenville, South Carolina, is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, but the city only accounts for a small percentage of total county residents. Greenville County — now home to nearly 500,000 — is projected to welcome more than 150,000 more residents by 2040. That massive influx of new residents will have major impacts on our way of life. The Shaping Our Future Growth Alternatives Analysis (released yesterday by Ten at the Top - Upstate South Carolina, The Riley Institute at Furman, and Upstate Forever) gives some great recommendations on how to best accommodate that growth while protecting what we love most about the Upstate." Source: Upstate Forever

Mentioned above:

- Ten at the Top

- The Riley Institute at Furman

- Shaping Our Future Upstate

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Artist Marty Epp-Carter, an avid bicyclist and traveler, left the great biking city of Boston in 2006 and moved to Greenville, South Carolina, another bicycle city in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bicycles, hiking and camping keep her tied to the natural world she was attracted to in early childhood, but she had abandoned the outdoors as an adult in university schedules and city life.

Today, Marty is printmaking instructor at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. Marty has reconnected to the outdoors and the natural world plays a major role in a series of etchings called Camping Suite. During a six-week camping excursion through nine states, Epp-Carter camped at five state parks and she recorded her experiences in the preparation of seven copper plates. Drawing all of the line work on location, then packing away the plates for safe storage, the etchings would be finished and printed in her studio upon her return home.

Camping Suite shares the artist’s experience in brand new geographical places, seeking the undisturbed natural landscape; a landscape that has been untouched by human development, in order to connect with her own inner, untouched selfscape. Looking at the art and reading these etchings transforms the viewer by sparking recognition of their own curiosity and humanity.

Watch for more about this printmaking series of etchings.

-- MFA (summa cum laude) Printmaking from Clemson University, Clemson, SC. BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. Printmaking and collage is the focus of her studio work.

IMAGE: Detail of an etching in the series Camping Suite, Marty Epp-Carter.

#camping #travel #NationalParks #printmaking #travelogue #cheaha #NatlParkService #chickasawnps @TPWDparks #CaprockCanyon #GrandCanyon #EisenhowerStatePark #GreenvilleSC @epp-carter #mecs #martyEppCarter

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Video: Printmaking Studio Visit -- printmaker Marty Epp-Carter demonstrates basic steps on creating an etching. Inking the copper plate, removing excess ink with tarlatan cloth, wiping with newsprint paper, hand wiping with whiting powder, blotting the dampened paper for the press, placing the press blankets and printing the final print. #printmaking #printmaker #etchings #finearts #contemporaryart #scartsed #scartsnews #studiovisit

Terry Jarrard-Dimond makes use of various fiber, textiles, paint, dye and other materials. From that practice she is a source of information about other fibre artists, often sharing a trove of related feature stories. This share is about Sandra Gregson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From the Weekly Fibre Artist Interviews series at Interviews published by Gareth Bate & Dawne Rudman.

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Terry Jarrard-Dimond uses textiles in her mixed-media work. Her production brings you to an awareness how textiles fit in the making of art, for me this is a blend of painting, sculpture and installation. Whether it indeed is painting, sculpture, assemblage, or the size of a work borders on an installation scale, each piece is to be taken on an individual basis. Dimond’s work is all of these and more and how a viewer interprets or looks on a particular piece depends on the artwork in its specific situation, as in the theme or purpose of an exhibition for example.

Textiles have played a foundational role in Dimond’s work over a time line of years, all the while encaustic, painting and other work is a parallel course of production. These are not forays or tangents, these are essential works recurring to make up the elements of Dimond’s work breakdown structure, the over all project that is her studio life. An artist’s production over the years, one’s working life, is a form of project management and the use of various materials and methods can be thought of as a flow chart where the main goal at the top is the artist’s fundamental purpose of exploration and construction of what will eventually become her recognized body of work.

Flowing under that top goal there are sub-tasks, tools and differing results used to work toward a completion, but these are managed for continuity along the way. It’s a kind of mapping process where big picture aims are carried out through the use of various materials resulting in that blend of painting, assemblage, sculpture and installation.

IMAGE -- Terry Jarrard-Dimond. Title: Nyx. This work is constructed of hand dyed and stained fabrics. It is 47" in height x 45.5" wide.

Message Joel Wilkinson for more info about Dimond's work.
#textileartist #textiles #mixedmedia #contemporarytextiles #stitch #greenvillesc #clemsonsc #contemporaryart

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Greenville SC -- There is a new print fair to be an annual event with southeast regional draw established already, with the first fair having been presented the weekend of October 21-22, 2016, by Contemporary Print Collective, a new association of printmakers. Based in Greenville SC, the organization launched early 2016. Watch for more news about this group.
#printmaking #printdayinmay

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OCTOBER: ART GETS BUSY. Terry Jarrard-Dimond and Tom Dimond are particpating in the exhibition* Joined at Their Art: Three Couples, Six Artists* opening at Upstairs Artspace October 22.
The work shown here is titled Obon — this piece was created using powdered charcoal and acrylic medium with a few touches of blue watercolor. The fabric is created, cut apart and sewn back together. 19.25" x 49.75" —Terry Jarrard-Dimond.

Additionally, the Upstairs Artspace exhibition includes works by Luis Fernando Jaramillo, Nancy Mary Jaramillo, Dean Lettenstrom, Nancy Cramer Lettenstrom.
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