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Joel Walters
Web Developer living in Seattle
Web Developer living in Seattle


The new logo enticed me to write a post. Hello, world!

Echo, echo, echo...

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• Arrive when The Ballroom opens at 3 so we'll have first dibs on pool tables.

• All skill levels welcome—we're here to have fun and learn.

• Choose your pool game—we're happy to learn and play new games. 
• Cost and Dues

• Tables are $6 or $12 per hour, depending on the bartender.

• You're expected to pay for your share. Bringing some cash might be easier but is not required. 
• Please give $1 for dues afterwards—or up to $5 if you're feeling generous—to organizer (Joel) 
• Great food and drinks—let's have fun!

Google+ has some sweet animations.

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Merry "Waldo" Christmas everybody
Animated Photo

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Despite the weird logo, I really love this lightbox script.

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Before I was born ... they didn't have 3D modeling software. They made those HBO letters with brass and chrome.

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Do I want to try it or not? Hmm.

Getting my Drupal learning on.
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