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We're all in this plane together
We're all in this plane together


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St. Maarten sunset
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To conserve space, all sites beginning with "cat" temporarily banned.
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May as well turn off the TV, put down the paper, unsubscribe from the news magazine. It's not news anymore. It's all just advertising in disguise.
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Now what's needed is an antidote app. A counter-Streak. A Gmail app that automatically "opens" all incoming email. All Nice added feature would be an auto-reply to Streak users informing them that "opened" doesn't mean "viewed". Or maube a filter that bounces all such mail back to the sender. Hey Google, shouldn't there be a privacy setting on an account that disables this little "feature?"
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Bribed US government officials give tax dollars to Gulf Arabs, funding a customs facility in the UAE, but refuse to fund facility for Detroit/Canada bridge; costs US jobs, trade.

Our Congress and President, in the recent "budget deal", approved spending money to build and staff a customs preclearance facility in Abu Dhabi, giving Etihad Airlines a direct competitive advantage against US carriers, costing US jobs at US taxpayer expense. 

Why? Payback for the bribes Arab billionaires made in "donations" to campaign funds and PACs -- bribes made legal by the supreme court's "money equals speech" ruling. Etihad responds by doubling the number of flights to NY and announcing new flights to other US cities. This cuts the market share of US carriers, threatening US jobs (include mine). And you are paying for this!

Meanwhile, the government refuses to pay for a customs facility for a new bridge between Detroit and Canada, delaying construction of the bridge indefinitely. The bridge would create thousands of US jobs, and increase trade worth billions to the US economy. A second bridge is so vital to trade between the US and Canada (our largest trading partner), that the Canadian government has agreed to pay the entire cost of constructing the bridge. Owner of the one existing bridge over the Detroit river, Michigan businessman Manuel (Matty) Moroun [yes, folks, an international crossing, a public necessity, is somehow privately owned], has spent $180,000 on Washington lobbyists and "contributed to the campaigns of" (i.e. legally bribed) Michigan congressmen.

Isn't it time we reminded our representatives that they work for US, not for Arab billionaires and bridge trolls?

Contact your representatives and tell them they work for US, not for Matty Moroun and Gulf Arab billionaires. Tell them to stop funding customs facilities for overseas airlines, and pay for the facility in Michigan. Tell them to fund the customs facility for the new bridge between Detroit and Canada, and not give the Arab Airlines a competitive advantage over US airlines at your expense. 

Do it now. It's almost as easy as responding to this post, and means a lot more. Here's how to reach them:

Bridge story:

Wall Street Journal piece on Etihad announcement :

With Global Hub Aspirations, Etihad Doubles Flights to New York.

Etihad Airways will double the number of flights it operates to New York from its hub in Abu Dhabi, even as airline pilots in the U.S. bemoan plans to establish a preclearance customs facility in the United Arab Emirates capital – a move that potentially gives the Gulf carrier a competitive advantage.

Etihad said it would introduce a second daily service in March to New York from Abu Dhabi using two Boeing 777-300ER aircraft leased from its partner, India’s Jet Airways, in which it owns a 24% stake. Then from May 1, Jet will operate the flights.

“These services will provide greater access to New York City for travelers from Abu Dhabi and further evidence of the importance of Abu Dhabi as a global air transport hub,” Etihad Chief James Hogan said in a statement.

Only a day before the Etihad announcement, the U.S. Congress approved funding [at your expense, dear taxpayer] of a new Customs and Border Protection preclearance facility at Abu Dhabi International, a customs post that the Air Line Pilots Association, or ALPA, says puts American carriers at a disadvantage to state-owned Etihad Airways.

ALPA, the largest pilot union in the U.S. representing some 50,000 pilots, is in uproar over the move and on Tuesday labelled it “another disappointing example of bad U.S. government policy”.

The preclearance facility at Abu Dhabi International, which is expected to open in the first quarter, has irked U.S. carriers and pilots who say it gives Etihad an unfair competitive advantage, as the state-owned carrier’s customers will avoid long lines when they arrive in the U.S.

Etihad has daily flights to New York, Washington and Chicago, and will launch flights to Los Angeles in June and Dallas-Fort Worth in December. No U.S. carriers currently fly to Abu Dhabi.

“This is legislating at its worst,” ALPA said in a statement on Tuesday. “Are we really in a place where it is acceptable to acquiesce to foreign business requests at the expense of U.S. companies, U.S. workers, and reasoned federal policy?” Dubai has expressed an interest in a similar facility.
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USA Today article asks if its a good idea to let foreign airlines fly domestic US routes. Not if you value you safety and American jobs!
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An idea whose time has come? Deflation, quantitative easing, growing inequality and joblessness...why not just give a little money away to everyone? Read this before you pooh-pooh the idea.

This is a great look at the history of attempts to implement a basic income and what happens when it is done. I really feel that this is the direction we need to go. Having to work for money has been a great concept, but I think it is going to break in significant ways going forward.

Via +Claudia W. Scholz.
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What's a DishFish worth?  $10 off your taxes!   Accounting Concepts in Canton is offering ten dollars off tax preparation for a DishFish Dollar.   (Slots are filling up fast. Call soon for an appointment to have your personal or business taxes done.)   David Ewing has done my personal and business taxes for many years, and he's the best!
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DishFish gets "vanity URL" on Google plus
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Two downtown Ypsilanti businesses join DishFish on the same day:
- The Wolverine Grill
- Black Stone Bookstore and Cultural Center
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