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The Shape of Light IX

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light ”

- Le Corbusier
Light shapes - shape the light.

Just a few more weeks before the Berlin Photowalk on May 12/13 where I will teach the Long exposure Architectural sessions.
Architectural shapes and spaces are revealed and formed by light. And at the same time I try to capture and visualize the light as a strong and almost tangible shape to emphasize its necessary existence and the strong connection between light and architecture.

Shot during a photoshoot with +Kees Smans and +Armand Dijcks in Rotterdam during the recording of our upcoming video tutorials.

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Technical info:
B+W ND110 & ND106 - 16 stops
17 mm
330s (5m30sec) exposure
Lightroom 3.0
PS CS5 - Silver Efex Pro 2
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Black and White Fine Art architecture
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Amazing highlights. Great dark tones and love just the hint of shapes and textures in the building.
so sharp, so stunning. I really like the way the light works in this shot. Fantastic.
Absolut stunning +Joel Tjintjelaar !! Love this shape and the lights and how they play along the facade. The clouds put a nice balance to the contrasts of the building. What black structure on the left you are refering to? I can´t see it here on my screen.
De tonen zijn echt geweldig!
You are welcome +Joel Tjintjelaar.
As for me you are a real master in long exposure shots, I would be very honoured if you would like to comment my last LE post (the second in my entire life!). Any advice would be very kind from you :-)
What a beautiful picture +Joel Tjintjelaar I was immediately in love. The dark tones are great. Congratulations on this wonderful work!
Straight to the point mate - awesome.
outstanding contrasts and tone, Joel.
+Joel Tjintjelaar I love the strong graphic shape & the metallic feel in the building and clouds!! Bravo & encore!! Another masterpiece!!
I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. You just keep setting yourself further and further apart from the rest of us. Brilliant work +Joel Tjintjelaar. I wonder if we will be seeing a book from you in the future...
oh MY goodness!!! What have you done here, Joel??!!! Don't you have mercy on our poor hearts? :)
This is glorious!!! Actually I think I should invent a word just for it, but I'm completely speechless and mindless right now and can't invent anything. I'm sitting here watching it on this big monitor (I knew it was for a good cause that I bought it :)) and I can't believe the intensity of the feeling this image gives you. It's almost physical!!! You're doing sorcery, admit it. :)
I'm not even going to speak about the technical virtues of this image. It is absolutely beyond that, it's somewhere in the realm of fantasy. I think I've just found my new all time favorite architectural photograph. Oh dear, the way it fades to black.......
Thanks a lot +Wawan Fardiansah !
Dankjewel +Cho Tang :)
Thank you +Kees Smans - time to shoot more architecture in Rotterdam:)
Thanks +Rob Cherry !
Hey +John Kosmopoulos - Most of my architectural images are shot with 16 stops. Thanks and see you in Berlin:)
Much appreciated +José Maia, +susan ratcliff +Nathan Wirth !
Thank you +Sandra Canning - BTW: the building was a metallic building and I wanted to emphasize that. Glad you like it!
Thank you +Xavier Rey !
OK +Eero Saarnivaara :)
Thanks +Brian Spencer - well it takes quite more time to finish those videos than I've anticipated but it will be worth the wait:)
Thanks +Josep-Maria Robert +Kami Naru +Ashdone Nembhard +Steve-Maxx landeros +brosef Turner !
Thank you for your great comment +Julia Anna Gospodarou - so you've viewed it on the big screen?:) I'm thinking of printing this large, it's quite special to see it in the largest size. Physical, as you've pointed out, is maybe the perfect description for it. Technically this was one of the most challenging images I did. I've pushed this one to the limit in terms of digital BW processing and worked for the past few weeks on this image only. So very happy to see that you saw it:)
As always a vision. Beautiful work Joel
well +Joel Tjintjelaar I was expecting something extreme, but this was way too powerful to be expected. Even my screen fell in love with it :)) Printing it is a great idea. I would print it on a whole wall if I were you. It must look amazing that big. I think, if I had it on my wall I wouidn't do anything else than watching it. This is what a call a "dangerous" photograph :D
Your command of tones is absolutely amazing.
That's properly good +Joel Tjintjelaar - its difficult to know where to start - I think it was the richness of your tones and contrasts that hit me first, the subtle clouds adding flow and the super sharp edge. Its awe inspiring.
Mark X
wonderful photograph :)
Cool, this one turned out great. I like this dark look, especially with the metal facade of this building. This is also a great angle because you managed to avoid having those big logos prominently in your composition :-)
Of course it's a great choice!!! I've already declared it, this is my new all-time favorite. This says is all, I think :)
Okay - then this will be the one for Berlin. I hope +Jeff Gaydash isn't going to charge me extra for the lots of ink these prints will be needing!
Hi +Ian Barber - it will be a complete series of tutorials on fine art photography in fine art style. And it takes some time, especially since they're going to be high quality videos not just about tips and tricks (although that is also part of it of course) but more importantly about vision and the creative thought process. That's more interesting in my view and also far more time consuming than just recording videos with screen capturing software. We hope to have the first one finished soon...
Joel Tjintjelaar I live in Germany for very long time, love this country and missing badly too. Was in Berlin already four times... just amazing city. I wish I can be there believe me, but hope you are having good time in May there, just wish you with everything good luck, and I know you are just awesome photographer. Greetings to you from Houston/TX.
Sorry to hear you're missing your home country, maybe our photos from the Berlin photowalk will make up a bit for this +Leyla A. Roberson - Have a great weekend!
Joel Tjintjelaar: Thanks I will be watching the pics when you are posting here. Have great weekend for your too.
Ha! No worries +Joel Tjintjelaar , with Piezography, it's not more ink, just more black (Shade 1) ink and I have plenty of that in stock!
+Jeff Gaydash sounds like piezography is the way to go for some of my minimalist ICM work, some of which is 99.9% black or dark grey.
Wow! Breathtaking work Joel! Another masterful vision indeed!
angie p
I love the way the light shines on this, Joel! Gah, I wish I could be there for that Photowalk, and especially to hear your piece... you all are going to have a fabulous time!
OMG +Joel Tjintjelaar this is wicked. I know you've written about presence before but this image is the pinnacle of the meaning 'presence'. The sharp edge is wonderful but I so love the gradient of the RHS and the beautiful soft sky . A stunning image and joyful to view.
a cracker of an image! forges and cuts its way through the sky powerfully!
Whoa, that's sharp...both literally and figuratively.
+Joel Tjintjelaar I would love to see the original to see how your vision translated to the finished image - a chapter in your upcoming video series maybe!!
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