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Joel Tjintjelaar

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Large limited edition prints at Rotella Gallery in New York City and Las Vegas
My prints at Rotella Gallery in NYC and Las Vegas and my visit to the NYC gallery
Photo taken by Neil Boyle.
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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25% off on Exploring Vision video tutorial
Happy to announce a limited 25% promo discount on the video tutorial created in collaboration with +Armand Dijcks Exploring Vision:
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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Stanley Kubrick would have loved this. The image has a special quality to it. It's present. It draws you in. It makes you feel something. Nothing less than outstanding imagery. 
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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New Blog post on TOP 10 self portraits by famous artists
I've compiled a list of my personal Top 10 of self portraits taken by famous artists with some interesting facts about the artists. Did you know for example that Annie Leibovitz used a combination of long exposure and strobe to light her portraits? Have a look yourself:
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Thx Joel!
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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The State Of FIne Art Photography Today

The State of Fine Art Photography today, an interesting and thought provoking article by guest writer +Charles Paul Azzopardi on my website
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Definately worthwhile thoughts.
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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New Blogpost: top 10 photographers who influenced photography as an art form as it is today
New blogpost
Top 10 of photographers who influenced photography as it has become today.
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Have him in circles
113,412 people
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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First you take the photograph, then you create it. Taking B&W photography to the next level -
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Nice,very nice work.
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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Black and white post processing techniques in the digital age
My latest tutorial on my website Black and White post processing techniques in the digital age - a few suggestions to improve your B&W based on 2 leading principles.
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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An extensive and detailed article how to start a photography business and guidelines how to price your work.
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Excellent write up, very informative. Thank you Joel!!
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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Redesigned website - Focused on sharing knowledge
Some of you might have noticed it but I've redesigned my website Not only did I give it a more contemporary look and feel, but also made it such that it's clear that my website is not a gallery of my own work but a website focused on sharing knowledge on the art of B&W photography, long exposure photography and fine art in general with clear and intuitive navigation. It's not completely finished yet (still need to add the calendar/news/event section and a few more features) but why not have a look and tell me what you think of it? And if you want to see some specific articles/tutorials/topics let me know! This page will be an extension of that website. Special thanks to Douwe Dijkstra who gave me some valuable advice on the design of the logo. That's a man who knows his trade!
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Off to a great start. Beautiful site. 
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Joel Tjintjelaar

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Screw-on or slide-in filters - which is for you?
A short comparison by guest-writer Kevin Choi on my website.
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Very nice!!
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International Award winning B&W fine art photographer
  • I don't take photos - I create them.
  • Still life and portrait photographer trapped in the body of a landscape and architecture photographer :)
  • Or am I an architect trapped in the body of a photographer?...
International award winning B&W fine-art photographer. Specialized in landscapes, architecture and still life.

  • 2012 International Photography Awards (IPA) - Professional category: 2nd place winner in Architecture – for the winning entry “The Shape Of Light”. A series of 6 photographs based on Le Corbusier's quote.
  • 2012 International Photography Awards (IPA) - Professional categoryHonorable mention – Architecture category for the winning entry “Monodrian”.
  • 2011 International Photography Awards (IPA) - Amateur category: 1st place winner in Architecture – for the winning entry “Frozen Music”. A series of 5 photographs of Goethe's Frozen Music concept.
  • 2011 International Photography Awards (IPA) - Amateur categoryHonorable mention – Fine-art Landscape category for the winning entry “Zenith”.
  • 2011 International Photography Awards (IPA) - Amateur categoryHonorable mention – Fine-art Landscape category for the winning entry “Dead-End”.
  • 2010 International Photography Awards (IPA) - Amateur category2nd place in Architecture – Bridges category for the winning entry “Zeeland Bridge Studies”. A series of 5 photographs of the Zeeland Bridge in the Netherlands.
  • 2010 Sony World Photography Awards: Shortlisted and finalist in the Landscape category with Bridge Study IV.
  • 2010 Sony World Photography Awards: Special commendation in the Architecture category with Connected
As an artist, I consider photography merely as a medium to express my personal and artistic view on the world: my camera is just a tool like many others. When I shoot, I’m not capturing an objective reality, if such a thing even exists. What I aim to is to express a highly personal creative vision, with the camera and the digital darkroom as my tools.

My creative vision is based on the idea that, once the artist is deliberately moving away from reality in his artistic expression, the viewer can get closer to the essence of the artist himself and to his creative spirit.

The further the artist moves away from reality, the more unique the result is, the more it represents his personal vision and the closer we get to experience the essence of that artist.

That is far more interesting than capturing objective reality and getting closer to the essence of the camera, which is basically what photographers do who claim to only shoot straight out of the camera.

When I use long exposure techniques, I’m already consciously moving one step away from reality. The conversion to B&W adds a second step, and, by deliberately altering tonal contrasts and relationships, my creative process reaches a total of three steps departure from reality.

I’m constantly looking for other ways to add even more steps: this is one of the fundaments of how I approach my art.

While processing the image, I always try to give my images a surreal and dramatic look, and therefore a highly personal, artistic context.

I apply this same approach of “minimalism in a surreal and dramatic context” to all my subjects: architecture, seascapes and still lives.

Interpreting the light, and using it to my advantage by rendering it accordingly to my artistic vision: by manipulating light this adds a fourth step in my quest to move further away from reality and revealing my artistic essence.

Another important aspect of my creative vision is beauty and its visualization.

Beauty is a very subjective concept and I highlight beauty in its implicit form; a type of beauty that lures just beneath the surface: just a hint, a suggestion. Beauty is minimal. That’s why I try to create images that are minimal.

I always start with an empty space and then add something to it. How much do I need before it’s too explicit and it’s not a slight suggestion anymore?

It’s not a matter of how much I can remove from a frame packed with objects, but exactly the opposite: how much can I add to an empty space before it’s too much?

Beauty is everywhere.
One of its purest displays is architecture, on which I try to apply my personal artistic vision.

Architecture possesses a very special place in my heart. I love architecture and the way forms and spaces are revealed, or to quote architect Le Corbusier, “assembled in the light”; light has a fundamental importance in both photography and architecture.

The light in my architectural photographs is rendered in a specific way, muted or enhanced, for a dramatic effect to emphasize its importance, to enhance lines and patterns, to decrease or increase volumes, spaces and contrasts.

The ultimate goal is to reveal the essence, the soul of the architectural structure, by leaving out anything that doesn’t’ add to this essence.

- Joel Tjintjelaar

If you're read one of the following magazines the past few years then you must have seen one of my photos in an article or ad:
- American Photo Magazine (USA)
- Popular Photography Magazine (USA)
- Outdoor Photographer Magazine (USA)
- B&W magazine (UK)
- Photoshop  (USA - forgot the complete name)
- Digifoto PRO (Holland)
- More: I haven't seen all magazines I've been published in.
- Interviews/features/articles in online magazines and blogs: just google my name.

Joel Tjintjelaar is an International Award winning B&W fine-art photographer from the Netherlands. His work has been published on many online websites and in magazines like American Photo (USA), Outdoor Photographer Magazine (USA) and Dutch magazine Digifotopro to name a few. Besides these publications his work has also been used for commercial purposes like the worldwide press release for BMW's 6 series concept coupe (September 2010) and the NIK Software's Promotional video for the worldwide release of Silver Efex Pro 2, which features him as the main character.

Joel is also member of Team NIK Worldwide, a select group of some of the best photographers in the world that work closely with NIK Software and deliver practical education for the photographic arts community. Born in Jakarta, but raised in the Netherlands, Joel has studied criminal law, but has always cultivated his artistically oriented passions, especially for architecture, cinematography and photography.

All of my award-winning images were created using NIK software's Silver Efex Pro 2. See me in action for the official Silver Efex Pro 2 Promo video or see the 30-second short version.

I create fine art photographs in B&W
I can really see...
  • - Black and White Fine-art Photography
    Co-founder and creative director, 2009 - present
  • Vision Explorers
    Co-founder, 2013 - present
    You're an artist before you are a photographer...
  • Glass Star Agency
    Co-founder, 2012 - present
  • Capgemini
  • Canon Europe
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