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Joel Tjintjelaar
International Award winning B&W fine art photographer
International Award winning B&W fine art photographer


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Introducing 'Mastering Long exposure photography video tutorial
Very happy to announce today the launch of my latest video tutorial ‘Mastering Long exposure photography’, created in collaboration with cinematographer +Armand Dijcks. It’s a tutorial that discusses every possible aspect I know on long exposure photography with many new clarifying examples and visuals. More info on this tutorial and the intro discount on my website:

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New Phase One IQ3 Achromatic 100MP review and test results

I had the opportunity to use and test the new Phase One IQ3 achromatic 100MP the past few weeks. Have a look at my blogpost with a review and some results and full res download samples

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Photography Location Guide 2

Part 2 of my photography location guide and a new short series on ideas and inspiration have been released on my website. If you're interested have a look Also I'll be releasing a new video tutorial on long exposure photography called: 'Mastering Long exposure photography', this coming Wednesday that includes a few novelties never published before.

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Split toning techniques for B&W photography and why you should consider it
A new tutorial on my website on creating and using split toning for B&W photography, including a brief explanation of color vs black and white, why moving away from reality is considered to be aesthetic by some neuroscientists, Monet's use of equiluminant values to make objects seem like they're moving and more distracting but relevant info:)
I’ve been away for some time, but that doesn’t mean I’m sitting still. I’ve finally made a start with the concepts behind a new portraiture series that will see the light of day this year.

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Photography Location Guide
A new series on my favorite photography locations with tips and recommendations how to access it and when and how to photograph it. Part 1: the Zeeland Bridge in the Netherlands and the Chrysler Building in NYC.
Oh and if you want to benefit from my Black Friday discounts from 25 to 60% off, then there are only a few hours left.

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Black Friday Offers
I have some interesting offers for Black Friday on my product page - should you be interested. And else you can still read my new article on Advanced Black and White Photography tips on my website:

Black and white photography advanced tips
Because it's almost Black Friday I'm sharing my latest article with free tips for black and white photography.
And also due to Black Friday, I'll be launching my bwvision store page tonight with some interesting discounts.

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A personal selection of photography books that are not the typical technical text books on photography, some aren’t even on photography at all, but they are all books that have proven to be influential books that have changed how art and fine art photography can be approached and thought of.

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What makes a black and white photographer, who always states that ‘gear is not important’ but that artistic intention and creativity matters, drool at the world’s largest trade fair for photography, and what drew his attention? Read my blogpost if you want to know
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