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Joel Shields
Musician, Librarian, Web Monkey, Photographer, Powerlifter, Dad.
Musician, Librarian, Web Monkey, Photographer, Powerlifter, Dad.

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Separate Date and upcoming calendar event so both can be displayed and independently placed on the page.

Display custom text field independently placed on the page.

Ability to hide individual numbers (I.E. hide 3 from quarter numbers so only 12, 6, and 9 show)

Secondary circle of numbers (For example, display military time inside regular time circle)

Show/hide individual indicator icons.

Ability to rotate layers when designing backgrounds/hands.


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First of all, let me say Awesome Table is great! I am having trouble with the DateFilter displaying the wrong date range. As you can see in the attached image, the data is formatted as a date (mm/dd/yyyy) with leading zeros beginning in September 2016 to present. When viewing the Awesome Table via Advanced Summary, the date range is from 09/20/1916 - 10/27/2016. 100 years in the past and a week into the future. Any ideas on how to correct this?

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Photosphere of the inside of the WRLC shared collections facility #3 construction.

Anyone else having battery issues in the last few days with the Nexus 5? Both my wife and I have noticed a significant drain. Thinking it may be related to the most recent Google Search update. Thanks.

Disabled Google voice from my Sprint account this evening in preparation of transferring to a Nexus 5. Regular voicemail seems so primitive, doesn't it? 

Looking for librarians that work in the tech industry or in a large corporation to interview.  Do you know anyone?

Twitter is down. In completely unrelated news, I just posted on Google+ in awhile... :)

Ha ha ha!  Google Plus events assumes people on the internet actually have friends!!  *...sigh...*

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MLADLA12 hangout coming soon!
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