C'mon +Sprint. I would rather that you improve your network speeds than offer this.

Automatic backups? Most of the apps nowadays do that on their own on Android, plus there are many, many ways of setting automatic backups on your own.

Antivirus protection? Don't download from untrusted sources, and you're set.

Monitor phone performance to improve battery life? Another bloated, non-removable app? No.

Remotely find and secure your phone? Android Device Manager does that. Gratis.

Premium support? Worth it, maybe. But you're paying for a whole lot of crap (see above) that's not worth paying for.

Stick with the standard plan, then just educate yourself. Ask questions. $2 more a year (12 mo) times four lines is $96 more on TEP. That's not chump change.
Sprint has a new protection plan for both your phone and the data on it. Dubbed "Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus", the plan costs $13-a-month-per-device and adds data security, automatic media backups, and personalized tech support on top of the existing damage, loss, and theft insurance...
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