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Apparently I have 40+ new people following me - so hello new people! I don't actually use G+ much anymore, since I refuse to buy in until they resolve their #nymwar facism. FB is lame, but you can catch me on Twitter where me handle is @ferrouswheel.

I'll probably start reinvestigating Diaspora or AnonPlus too.

Oh, and I'm no longer working full time on OpenCog, have taken a departure to work as CTO of a Hong Kong data analytics company "Demand Analytics". I'll still be working on AGI in the background though.
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CTO, nice! And if you're reading this I've totally made you read G+ again :P
Google+ is basically the same deal as Facebook, but better engineered. I'm mostly using Friendika.
How long are you likely in HK for?
After it's officially launched I expect that Google+ will have even more crap/apps/ads than Facebook does. The high quality social graph which Google+ gives them will allow for quite aggressive marketing.
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