After iTunes recently "forgot" my Library (kept on an external drive) forcing me to rebuild, I am totally on board with a new focus on podcasts on iOS6. Podcasts and audio books are 99% of my listening content on my iPhone and podcasts are the only reason at the moment I can think of to continue syncing my phone with my MBPro.

To be honest I wouldn't mind moving away from sync entirely. Though working from home with a consistent wifi connection probably has some weight on that want.
Apple is hatching some kind of new podcasting scheme. But what? Here's my prediction.

The rumor and/or speculation is that Apple will spin podcasts out of the iOS iTunes app and into a separate app. This prediction is supported both by funny business in the app itself, and also inside information from unnamed sources “close to the company.”

The prediction that Podcasts will get their own app sounds reasonable. But the interesting part is: Why?

If Apple is doing what I think they’re doing, it’s a stroke of genius.

This single change could align Apple’s organization of services on iOS with multiple strategic objectives at once.

Here’s what I think Apple intends to accomplish:
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