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Joel Dinis
From curiosity to passion to obsession. Tech, music, politics... My recent obcession is LCHF/Keto after losing 33kg/73lbs since March 16.
From curiosity to passion to obsession. Tech, music, politics... My recent obcession is LCHF/Keto after losing 33kg/73lbs since March 16.

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Calories. Do they matter?
In simple terms, no. Why? The module of calories in, calories out (CICO) is based in the first law thermodynamics that dictates that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Translating that into calories and body energy, the calories you eat have to be eithe...

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Glucose Burning vs Fat Burning
Before I start, just massive thanks to Dr. Ted Naiman for letting me use some of his charts. His charts are quite easy to read and I learn a lot by following him and many other low carb advocates. Explaining how our body works is quite difficult for me. Esp...

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I have been using Chrooma for a few weeks now.
Overall I am very pleased. Enough for me to support it.

My current pet peeve is the prediction and auto-correct. It is not very good.

I have tried probably all the keyboards our there. Usually I gravitate towards Swiftkey due to multilingual support (Hate having to switch languages every time). I also used the Google keyboard when I had Nexus and currently I was reasonably happy with stock keyboard from my Sony. It had a reasonable good prediction and supported more than one language at the same time.
The fact that some didn't predict accurately the next word wasn't a deal breaker, though probably helped me stick with Swiftkey for longer. But auto-correct has been good overall on all of them.

But Chrooma, I really want to love it because it looks solid everywhere else. But I have to be more careful how I type and that should be quite the opposite reason to have a 3rd party keyboard.

Any thoughts?

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I can't find anywhere this being mentioned so apologies if it's a repeat.

The top bars change to grey when you move screen direction (portrait to landscape) and stay like it when you move back.
You know it's the suggestion bar but you can't see anything. Though if you press it a word gets selected.
I also noticed this when you come back from Google Coice Typing icon.
Has anyone saw this?

Edit: Sony Xperia Z5 non rooted.
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Hey peeps.. So back trying Fleksy and seems more polished than I remember.
I do have one sugestion. I use two dictionaries and having to swipe between languages is a bit awkward and I often forget to do it causing errors when I type too fast.
Could we add an option for the app to make this automatically? Making it that the app will apply corrections based on how many dictionaries are active? 

Quick question: How do we manage the watxhfaces stored on the watch. I think it makes sense for that to be your favourites or an option to toggle between favourites and most used.
Right now I don't actually know as it is not clear. A face that I used for months had disappeared and one that I tried once and thought I've deleted is still there.

Who has had to call +O2 in the UK​ recently?
I'd like to know how much Apple has paid them. Talk about the most annoying and over selling auto message just before you giving you the options on numbers to press.
Even the guys voice gets on my nerves when he mentions the "fantastic new iPhone" twice as the reason I'm calling and I am now waiting in a queue.
Either O2 assumes that everyone wants one or they can't sell them, because the alternative would be that they got paid for it.

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