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Join the Pony Express to deliver 100 letters! #GoogleDoodle
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7 comments that?
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Despite her expression, she loves this weather.
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Awesome picture! She looks like a frosty teddy bear. 
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Some snaps from this morning's eclipse
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Lol, right?
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A game about epidemic prevention.
Vax! is a puzzle-game infused with chance that was inspired by real-world challenges, infectious disease modeling, and addictively rewarding gameplay.
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Have him in circles
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Design techniques for printed circuit board (PCB) to allow a wide variety of voltage regulators and potentiometers. Also, how to make it easier to solder holes by adding circular pads, how to make test points, reduce heat with fill patterns, and more.
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That's really cool. Makes me wish I had a project...
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#FevGamesEnklave is a new augmented reality game for Android. I'm intrigued!
Welcome to the launch of our coverage of Enklave (a post apocalyptic ARG for android). In this article we take a look at the UI.
Interested in an alpha invite? Reshare this post, tag +Fev Games and hashtag #FevGamesEnklave  and at the end of the week we will random draw 10 users to receive alpha invites.
What is Enklave? Enklave is an Alpha stage ARG, an Augmented Reality Game, under development from the beginning of summer 2014. In the middle of September, about 1000 players got invited to a close...
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Thank you +Chipotle Mexican Grill​ for the gratis meal. For the record, I don't mind waiting for fresh food, but I also don't mind when you think that's too long to wait and offer my meal for free!
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If only other businesses had standards like that. I certainly wish Delta did. 
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Be careful what you say: someone could be watching.
A visual microphone that can pick up sound from vibrations in video footage
"Algorithm recovers speech from the vibrations of a potato-chip bag filmed through soundproof glass"


Project website:

"When sound hits an object, it causes small vibrations of the object’s surface. We show how, using only high-speed video of the object, we can extract those minute vibrations and partially recover the sound that produced them, allowing us to turn everyday objects—a glass of water, a potted plant, a box of tissues, or a bag of chips—into visual microphones."

"We also explore how to leverage the rolling shutter in regular consumer cameras to recover audio from standard frame-rate videos, and use the spatial resolution of our method to visualize how sound-related vibrations vary over an object’s surface, which we can use to recover the vibration modes of an object."

This is so cool I wish I could take a 3-hour lunch break to really understand how it works!
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W o w
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Basic Information
Other names
Mad scientist wannabe
Command line compilers and regular expressions
Android devices and blues chord progressions
Music that's played on nothing but strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Freshly washed puppies and malodorous cheeses
Soldering circuits and cool nighttime breezes
The songs of the birds that each morning brings
These are a few of my favorite things

Extreme close-up photos of creep-crawly critters
Ebi nigiri and warm apple fritters
Troubleshooting networks with tracerts and pings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the beer's flat
And the Wild lose
And I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

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Consistent food, less than ideal service. On a recent visit I sat and waited for my to-go order for fifteen minutes. When I finally inquired I was told my order had been lost. On another visit, my order was given to another customer. Both times a replacement was quickly prepared, but no compensation was offered for my time. But, the hoagies and pizza are delicious.
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Stopping at Cady has become a family tradition when traveling through the area. It's not far off the interstate and definitely worth the slight detour. Try the squeaky fresh curds or the smoked string cheese if you're looking for a great road snack. Great variety, quality and prices. Cady's parmesan lacks the amino acid crystals you'd expect from a fine, aged Parmigiano-Reggiano, nor is it as firm, but it has a wonderful richness and umami. At $7.49 / lb it's a steal compared to mail order alternatives.
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