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Joe Wozny
Author of The Digital Dollar book series, CEO of Concentric
Author of The Digital Dollar book series, CEO of Concentric

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Please note that all my posts are on my Digital Dollar page associated with my account

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The Winter 2016 Edition of the Digital Doll$rs and Sense Magazine is out.
Inside this edition, we focus on Search. Our articles reflect many of the conversations we've recently had with you about search investments, new free search opportunities, how to create effective landing pages that convert visitors to customers, and how to ensure the content you create includes all be best characteristics to be "found" in Search.

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Cover phot for December Edition.  Thanks to The Online Marketing Institute for their great contribution.  #omi #online #business

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The December Edition of Digital Dollars and Sense is now out.   #digitaldollars  #retail #business

Post has attachment #Technology is becoming less important, and #design more visible and important #retail #computers #trends

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New URL for my page:

Post has attachment Cost Effective Mobile & Why You Should Consider Mobile a Capital Investment #smallbiz #smb #smallbusiness #retail

Post has attachment  Effect of Hastags and Quotes on your Tweets. Graphs fm @danzarella#hashtags #smb #SocialMediaMarketing #retail

Post has attachment NEW Google Shared Endorsements. Interesting feature being rolled out since the terms of service were changed. There is an option to Opt Out. See the link - its' a setting that you uncheck as Google is using the Negative Option right now on this service. #google #digitaldollar #retail #business
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