The pictured computer is Intel's #chromebook  reference design. The dim display depicts everything I see wrong about new models showcased today.

There are no brighter, higher-res screen models in the works. During the Q&A following the Intel-Google event today, OEM execs tepidly responded to questions about better-quality Chromebooks. Intel's focus is faster processors.

But in my testing Haswell-based models, performance and battery life are more than good enough, easily subjectively rivaling Macs or Windows PCs costing hundreds of dollars more. Bay Trail or Core i3 isn't the solution to better Chromebooks.

Keyboards are exceptional, as are trackpads. Displays are not. There's something wrong, when the screen on your smartphone or tablet is so much better than your desktop computer.

#chromebookpixel  packs a 400-nit high-res display. #hpchromebook11  may be 1366 x 768 resolution, but the 300-nit IPS screen smacks down every comparable Chromebook. Note that Google designed or codesigned both computers. The big G gets the display's importance.

I largely see misplaced OEM priorities in today's fresh Chromebook crop.

Do you agree? Disagree? See something else that matters more?
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