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I'm a sick SOB.

BetaNews' most notorious troll commenter, who has used so much foul language about me that Al Pacino in Scarface would blush, sent email yesterday. He's Apple fanatic extreme and has offended just about every reader while defending the company.

His attacks on me are offensive beyond description (you have to read them to see). But I don't take them personally. He's a loyal reader after all and I respect the passion. But others are offended, gravely, so I had to ban him more than few times (He's back now again with new identity.)

Anyway, in the email, he wrote about losing his iPhone 5, which Verizon wouldn't replace cheap. So he got mad and switched to T-Mobile with plan to buy Galaxy Note 2 and trade for iPhone 5. Instead, he liked the device and switched. So I said let's make it into a story for BetaNews.


In context of his passionate, unabashed Apple defense, switching to Note 2 says much about iPhone as a competitive product. 

By the way, as an author, he is very good to work with. 

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I saw the first iphone, a crap phone, but so good built that it came the king, the second and third also improved, from there on I havent see a must have reason, he is proof of it
Redwan Huq
Hardcore iPhone users switching to Android was a growing trend of 2012 that extends to today. But that someone would actually be recognize him/herself as a comment troll using his/her real identity is something else. What a crazy world.
Mike Miller
The latest generation of Android devices are VERY nice both on the hardware and software side. Apple needs to make a big jump soon if they don't want the ongoing rumors of their impending demise to come true.
Mark C
Loved this article. Other iPhone users should read this and take note. No pun intended lol
The best of all worlds is owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Ipad3 or 4, and a Ipod Touch. I see no use for the IPhone. 
I am a baller on a budget, if I could only afford one device it would be the Note 2.
Matt L
Apple stuff just sucks
Apple keeps selling people the same devices over and over again. Similar to what Nintendo does with the DS. I got Apple gadgets but I ain't a fanboy. Competition is good for the masses.
I'm considering making the switch to note II as well....this may have tipped me over the edge. 
The nexus 7 UX convinced me to switch from the iphone4 to the nexus 4. As for one brand over the other, I'm loyal to none. I use what works. The nexus 4, so far, does just that.
Apple fanatic here and I really enjoy their products. But I, like anyone else out there, believe their software is..well soft. They need to make some improvements. Can we say open source? Hahaha. 
I love it! Its so hard to get these trolls to understand logic.
rehab is a good thing. now live it up !
As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to buy a droid sometime in the near future. Waiting on Samsung's new devices to hit the shelves. Bendable screen? I want one of those!!
LOL I always fine it funny when iOs users talk about how silly and stupid a bigger screen is on a phone. Fact is these device we call "SmartPhone" aren't use as phones much at all. These are powerful portable computers not phones~
Maybe my Galaxy Nexus needs to disappear too, because I hate the idea of the note also. I'm a hardcore android fan (and own the GN and Nexus 10, both Samsung products) but would never want or see the draw to the Note. 
+Seth Muscarella I know what you mean. Can't argue that the Note's aren't great devices,but like many things you can't have one thing that works for everyone.

Are you going for a Nexus 4 or something else?
Ian Ang
Welcome to the light!
Iphones are for simple minded people. Android requires brains, maybe that's why you don't like it. 
R.I.P Steve Jobs, once again Apple is shit without you.
The moral is: you're only a troll if you're against us? Now suddenly you're the rational spokesperson of all that's wrong with iPhone?
I traded my Droid for a 2007 flip phone. I'm never going back eva'! It's the perfect phone. Google better watch out!

jk but that post could have said anything. 
The article was killer! An android fans delight! 
Tam Ho
I wish I read this article a month ago ;-(
Iphone users have tp switch to androd for th freedom provided by the OS .The next generation android phones with ARM Cortex -A15 are gonna be legendary !
Another one added to the good side :),  Great article, I had to show it to one of my apple lovers..
I love this! Im glad he now sees things as they are and not as Apple made him believe they are.
From dark to the bright....welcome to the green robot's club....
Joey T.
Well good for him. I'm so proud. 
Can't believe a cell phone is like a religion for some people. 
Thous who speak do not know and thous that know do not speak. Classic example. 
I had a blackberry a couple of years ago. Now I have a Galaxy W.
Both let me make calls and email. My friend got a iphone 5 a couple of months back and he was so pleased about it's thinness. We are all happy with our phones - let bygones be bygones!
Galaxy note hey. I hear those phones are tighter than Skype!!
About blackberry, I wrote entire novel on it in 2005, Blazing Night, now on google play, still to read it a large HD monitor I like.
It's sad that people can have such a closed mind, and become so ridiculously biased.... The reason you have had a bad experience in the past with Android Devices is because up until recently Verizon has been selling nothing but shit android devices.. Galaxy S2 was great as well.. Nowadays most high end android devices are solid choices.
Mike D.
I've had the first Android phone (HTC Dream) and it was horrible. So many Android phones that followed were equally awful. I stuck with iPhone until the 4 which was an innovative and great phone. However, Apple has begun to lag behind in innovation. Android has its issues but the customizability can't be beat. And the os is maturing very nicely. Once a very strong supporter of Apple, I too made the switch. Old Android is enough to turn anyone off. Things change. Hopefully people realize the progress that's been made. 
+James-Brian Byers I sell a lot of used gs3's and i get a LOT of offers for people wanting to trade there iPhones on for gs3's... Of course I say no.. But that is what I am seeing. I have even seen a Customer sell me there gs3 cheap to buy an iphone 5, then a week later, buy a gs3 again... IJS
So far so good . Googles turn over with butter smooth JB . Let's see what great new user experience can Apple deliever . Hopefully not a smaller form factor
Wow. A good read. Now I am tempted by Note 2!
This is exactly why I can't buy an iPhone. Tech is always out of date. Apple stuff is great but the iPhone is meh now.
I've owned all iterations of both iPhones & Nexus phones (some non-Nexus but I'll ignore those for this post) - here's how I see it:
3GS VS Nexus One = iPhone was just simply better
4 VS Nexus S = iPhone was just marginally better
4S VS GNex = Nexus was just marginally better
5 VS Nexus 4 = Nexus was just simply better

So while in the beginning iPhones were IMO better than Androids, now the tables have turned with iOS falling behind.

I still have high hopes for the iPhone 5S/6 (which I'll continue to buy alongside my Nexus devices) but they've got a lot of lost ground to make up for.
I'm one of them...recently switched from my iPhone to a galaxy note 2 and never looking back!!
Samsung always sucks big time !!
Now I would just recommend checking with your other trolls and see if one is an editor. Difficult to read. 
Mario M
I switched from Galaxy Note 2 to iPhone 5 and am better off! Have fun with your spread out, washed out, not clear screens Note 2 owners! iPhone 5 wins again
Switching from my I-Stone 4s to my I-Stone 5 = best decision ever!!
Apple needs to learn how to add value to its operating system that people can see and feel. The are good and tweaking under the hood but what about
ui upgrades.

Quick settings, better app integration, multitasking. Android and is partners do it and make the os better under the hood too. 
Touching & getting in their faces
In my case, it was the other way around -I was loyal to Samsung. I had he Samsung instinct when it came out (you know? The "iPhone killer"), then I purchased the Samsung epic 4g --it was a complete nightmare. The phone would crash and batt would die faster then I could say Sa-! So I waited without a phone for a couple of months until my upgrade was available. Luckily it came when the iPhone 5 came out. Fell in love with all of it, but what really got me was the way the video looks sooooo steady (I love messing with video) --I have tried out my friends' galaxy 3 and nah the video just doesn't cut it for me, it's way too shaky. That's it --release the trolls!
Mario M
I had the Note 2 but now have iPhone 5 and I can say... iPhone 5 camera beats Note 2 camera! Pictures come out more clear. FACT
The iphone can do so much if you know how to use it.  It takes time to find all the functions.  Love my iphone.  
There's a common saying and it couldn't be further from the truth "everyone is replaceable". Really. Okay who replaced Michael Jackson or Lennon or who will replace Buffet or Gates or zuckerburg? Do you really think Apple will keep up with innovative mind of what Steve Jobs was able to produce? I think not, they have already lost their innovation. D
Sure more surprises will come, but no crazy innovation like the old iphone or ipad. Jobs is irreplaceable.
Always wanted a iPhone 5 but my parents say hell 2 tha no...hhhha but thts kool u got a Samsung galaxy sll....thts amazing enjoy tht phone.....
I love my iPhone too and have a friend teacher in computers who show me everything. It is true is very difficult.
Really who gives a shit about another ignorant apple phone debate..STFU
Mario M
AppStore, retina display, FIFA 13 SOCCER, camera quality and iOS stabilty are the things that keep me strong on iOS. Hey Android FIFA fans when ya getting FIFA 13? LMAO!
l did it too,and i am very happy now.

Another sheeple turned, hoorah for Sammy!! Not even a pointless law suit over rounded edges will stop them!!
I didn't know T-Mobile can support iphones.
I love my note 2 as well 
Few posts above me, he is describing nonsenses... Haha. Definitely he doesn't have a clue about android.
Mario M
Flashing ROMs on Androids got boring for me -_- used to do it a lot back in the Motorola Droid 1 days but now it would just bore me. I want my smartphone to be stable right out the box and my iPhone 5 does just that. Never had any random reboots or freeze ups on any iPhone I had. Previous: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. iPhones battery charge quickly and battey life has always been great. Apple iPhone = Peace of mind.
I've been reading tons of articles about how this phone or that phone is light years ahead of the iPhone...but they all (conveniently) fail to mention the reason iPhones are still the best: the Apps. I have hundreds of dollars' worth of music apps on my iPhone and iPad and last time I checked the latest Droid STILL doesn't have adequate enough audio latency to handle playing one measly piano part. Yes your phone may look pretty and have even surpassed the iPhone in several fields, but until there is real competition in the audio field, your crappy phones are completely worthless to me and everyone like me. Apple isn't going anywhere. They're still the biggest corporation in the world, so how anyone goes around claiming that they're doomed and doesn't realize that they're a giant fucking idiot is beyond me.
Troll here. Suck it, Samsung! Competition only makes both products better. iPhone and iOS is just a better product all around. 
Yea because you don't smart enough. let iphone control you. Better this way... Okay I'm gonna stop now haha.
Note 2 is better than any apple phone but Galaxy s3 is better than note 2. I have used both of them.
Mario M
The iPhone 5 is light in weight yet well built and powerful. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 felt cheap in my hand and the screen resolution was bad. Samsung have put 1080p full HD display on the Note 2. Why have a huge screen if the resolution isn't clear?
Every Apple fan must go to the link and read the entire article.
Another one bites the Dust
Mario M
If only the Note 2 had an HD display :( lmao
Work gave me an iphone, but I just use it for company email. But I enjoy android.
Android is soo much better to use then iPhone. Tha apps r for better and easier to use. Also u can do soo more. 
Mario M
Note 2 owners wake me up when Samsung finally puts 1080p HD displays on their big screen phones k? zzZZZ
I love my Note 2 as well...but moving to using my Nexus 7 for everything, including voice.
Good choice...Hope other people see reason in your post and make the change and dump crapple!
Crapples IOS eventually lowers the IQ of the user to the level of a kindergartener over time! lol!
I just got me the htc evo. Walked into my office and my two iphone-lover bosses were jealous and amazed at how bigger the screen is and how thin and light it really is! I luv it.
Mario M
iOS = still King OS!
Boring campaign between iOS and Android zealots never ends.
iPhones are for kids. I got my daughter one. When she grows up, I'll get her an android phone as her right of passage.
whats apple?
Oh ur talking bout that company crapple who created fuckintosh?
Well if u dnt like g+, no ones stopping u...Go & ifuck urself steve augustene :D
I hope apple pays attention to this thread... I also switched from iphone to note2... its a great device.. With t-mobile still out there not swallowed by att leaves one last chance to break open us phone monopoly of contract plans... which att, vz, sprint are loading on US consumers who probably dont even have much idea how cheap cell phone technology is in other open/competitive markets.. 
Your story of acquiring this guy to write for you is actually interesting in itself, maybe you should write about that for BetaNews :)
i really don't care about cellphones.. so..
+Mario Mendez if you bought a phone for a game, it sounds like you need to buy a psp. I don't think anyone cares that they can play a game on their phone. Sorry a note 2 is for business and the even most up to date iPhone is geared toward high school girls.
Won me over, did the wretchedly-named phablet! 
mani S
At customer point of view both products have their own goodness.
Neither apple is nor Android can be similar.
If budget permits buy an iPhone 5 if not go for note.

galaxy note|| is awsome salephon but i dont think that he get popular like iphon5.
Haha! Apple the biggest corporation in the World? What world? Here is the skinny! There are more ppl in Eastern countries than the west! Companies in the east are growing leaps and bounds on just sales to there own country" most western companies are worth so much because of the public trades sector not world wide global sales! With eastern companies advances they will quickly take over the markets Apple and other companies now control! Just like how Toyota became the world biggest car company! So will a Eastern company become the worlds biggest hand held tech seller! 
Matt V
I'm getting rid of my iPhone too. Looking to get a Galaxy Nexus. 
The Note 2 has become my favorite phone since the original iPhone and prior to that the Treo 650. The software works, it is reliable, I never think about picking up a bigger tablet for reading news and the battery powers through an entire day. Complete win.
Should've gone Nexus
You mean you gave up the use of the dark size of the force and came back to the good side.
I also switched had the 2nd genaration, 3g, & 4 i 
You should have at least gotten the note III that everyone talks about
S3= monster Note 2=beast I have both o_O 
I can cause its awesome and crapple is....well crap!!
Get ready to sue Apple for NFC
Note 2 is simply an amazing phone. Once you touch it and look at it's amazing display, you'll never go back to a normal sized phone again.

I love the feeling of phone, and I always get questions about it when I'm at school, or work, or where ever. People are mesmerized by the Note II, and they should be. 
Man!! have written my confession for me...
I share the guilt but feel no shame. ...strange? ?...
I preferred Galaxy S3 than IPhone 5. Glad I made the right choice and he made the right choice too.
Good for you. The iPhone is a nice device, but it has some major catching up to do if it wants to run with the big dogs.
I was also that #Apple guy... But just trying the GS3 4G opened my eyes to the "Drip Feeding" mentality from the rotting fruit.

Apple really needs to stop cashing in on its customers and deliver another top end phone with ALL the bells and whistles #Samsung has had standard for years now. 
I just did the same thing a couple days ago lol
Dumb article, seriously. I swapped my iPhone for an Android phone and several times over the 3 months I used it wanted to throw it off a cliff. Does this mean the iPhone is a better phone? Heck no, just that its a better suited phone for the way I like to work.

I'm happy that this self proclaimed troll found the right phone for him but to suggest that one of the best selling phones is doomed to fail is nuts.
Ken o
A phone comes with varieties of features go for one that fits your needs. 
Unless Apple starts putting true HD screens on their phones and changes their OS I really don't see a future for them. Things change and companies that don't get left behind and that's a fact.
I'll say this w/ a lvl head; if iProducts or Macs works for you period then fine. Just don't powerglue that ass on that high horse ragging competing OSes/platforms (be it Android, Windows, Linux hell even BBs) down w/ the usual "superior ecosystem" or "premium materials" (which still scratch, scuff and break anyways) and "industry leading designs" drivels. Because lots are pro-choice at tech (and everything else that we have to pay w/ our hard earned pay) and leaving anything to one company are just dumb. /i9100g/Android 4.2.1/CM10.1 user who looks forward to run Ubuntu for phones if possible
Which one is better I phone 5 or galaxy 3?
+Madee Keita its not a religion, today's society almost requires people to have them. Pay phones and home phone are becoming things of the past. I chose Christianity, I'm forced to have a cell phone. 
+Adam Millar I went from a iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5. (Beautiful phone)I Originally wanted to purchase the note 2 with my contract renewel but didn't during the time Wal-Mart had the iphone 5 on sale. Luckily the screen was defective and they didn't have more black iphones in stock so I had the option, thanks to my awesome girlfriend, to purchase the note 2 like I had originally planned. This phone is nothing short of amazing! I literally have not put it down since I bought it. My ipad and laptop remain untouched. Streaming my content/torrents wirelessly to my samsung tv is tits too!
Tim Mar
I have noticed many Asian business people using Samsung Note II. Perhaps iPhone has lost its Bling?
I agree but galaxy 3 is newer and has more new things !
verizon SUCKS@customer.service!!! they just do not care l(
Couldn't agree more! I have been instrumental in dissuading friends from buying iPhones and switching over to the Galaxy! I could almost be termed as an 'Uncrowned' Brand Ambassador of the Samsung Galaxy series :)
Or at least that's what we have been told by our service provider. 
Apple is for chicks its not a man phone every time I see a man with a iPhone I have to laugh at how silly he looks and think oops another gay man 
So far for "thermo-nuclear" :-) 
I just bought iPod 5 today So can you use as I phone 5 by your mouth like you talk to it and then it does whatever you say So is this possible ?
Samsung.....blow out....everething...wiht...galaxy zaga......
+Cédric Alviani No disrespect but you're being as closed-minded as the trolls. Marketing gimmick? This guy has trolled BetaNews comments for years. I've banned him a couple times. That's what makes his conversion so compelling. Seriously, Google his name on domain and you will see.
I know I asked two questions but this the last question bro. Is the iPod'screen really bad for the eyes? So what you think bro ?
Crapple is dead. That's what happens when you have a closed network in this day and age. If Apple will survive in the long run they need to through out all of Steve Job's business ideas and open their network to the vast talent that is not willing to commit to a single company on the decline. I personally will never own an Apple product because of their business model so they lost me but if the want the younger crowd they need to through out all the ideas that has defined the company for decades. Now if someone buys an Apple product most of the people in the room think "you got scammed man" not "oh you are so cool and hip". 
Sorry I meant throw not through in sentance 3 & 4. Had a couple of Bourbons. User error 
I bet you never had an iPhone 5 in the first place! FAIL
+DJ yamin Blink as fast as you can non stop for at least 8 hours a day for the next 2 weeks and you will be just fine. 
I am an iPhone user and have been ever since the iPhone 3 came out. However I am quite curious about the Android system. I may just give the Note a try:)
It was in bad taste and faith that a 70 year old be imposed on unsuspecting Siaya county voters
What Apple users fear most is being given a choice! For apps, program priority, launches,.the list goes on and on. And for some people that's a really hard concept to grasp and understand.
What a retard, proves u know nothing... You are biased and Stupid! If you truly understand Apple products, you would never question things like IO performance, graphics, App elegance, simplicity... Go read some schematics or something, don't be side struck by Over features that don't even work all that well... Go fist yourself or something
Now if only I could get my iPhone toting friends to try out the Note 2...
Its a better phone you'll l like it
We'll get your sick SOB sorry ass away.
My friendS told me it is dangerous to watch on the iPod a Lot of time because it will make you blind
No, DJ... it's only if you watch it with one hand and use the other for ... ummm... other pursuits... (chuckle)
so. it become a trend an apple fan boy switch to android user, yeaah \m/
The hell with Apple try galaxy 3 u will like it I do
I went from Microsoft mobile to Apple and I am dying to try BB10--I like the UI a lot (too bad it has no apps).
I was nervous because I thought it is dangerous I was gonaa leave iPod for iPod ok thanX for you beautiful sharing .
I am a hardcore iphone user that have used 3 generations of iphones (from 2, 3, 3GS, 4 to 4S) and recently switched to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 without any problem or any regress.
Adv B
note is better..:)
Very unbiased from Google to include posts like these under What's Hot..
Whatever. The good think is that is so easy to block you and I won't ever know what you say next. Bye :)
Most of the Apps for Andriod are free (like WhatsApp) & quite good. But you need to pay for the good Apps for iphone.
I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 and it is beautiful. Samsung is on to something. especially with the S pen
I went from a Galaxy SII to an iPhone 5 and I love it, BUT I missed the freedom to do whatever I want with the device in hand. Since getting a Nexus 7 as a Christmas gift, the iPhone has been used for little more than just making calls.

BTW, I gave the SII to my brother and he's over the moon with it. Jellybean is hands down a better system than iOS.
Im not really a fan of apple products they just too expensive for my own taste i mean money is not really an issue if it is worth it... aww that would totaly mean i will not change my samsung galaxy just for a piece of crap...
Apple needs to get back to the consumer.....the folks who pay your wages
That's right.. i'm using galaxy note 10.1 now..
Good choice! should switch it long ago
Good choice! should switch it long ago
Mario Méndez you fucking ip5 is not full hd at all..... You troll! 
I graduated from a iPhone to a Note and now a Note II. AWESOME GEAR.
I love my Note 2 too. I can see the benefits of both systems, and I will still choose an iPad over any 10-inch Android tablet. I got high hopes for an Android or Windows Tegra 4 tablet this year to finally compete with the iPad.
Always glad to hear from former cult of iPhone converts. 
we rocks with all android device... waiting for nexus 10 in singapore.
I think soon they will make new I phone you will use it by your eyes it will be really good
I went from iphone 3g to 4 to Galaxy S2 and now the Note 2 which is sublime. All the above were great, but at this point in time I think the Note 2 is the best, *EXCEPT* for the iphone camera which is still better.
Wanted the note 2 but boost didn't have the galaxy 2...I'm very happy!
I'm in it for the long haul with Apple. Too much invested in apps, music, TV shows, etc to just up and switch and have to repurchase most of those same apps in Google Play. 

I'd miss the synergy between my Mac and iPad with iMessage, Reminders, Notification Center, FaceTime and Photo Stream. I'd also miss little details like bringing up the dictionary without leaving the app I'm in, the geo-fence for Reminders and iTunes. Yes, I'd miss iTunes and the ability to control content rather than having to manage the phone.

But to each his own. I think we could do without the violent aggression against Apple. It's okay to win but there's such a thing as winning with integrity minus the d-bag demeanor. 
Goddammit.  Stop making me want to hand my GS3 down and get myself a Note2!
I'm so happy with my Samsung Galaxy S3 but if I was to be in the market for a new phone now it would have to the fantastic PHABLET that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. That thing just oozes class! It's what the iPhone use to be in terms of cool!
I call android users power users.
I accidentally put my iTouch 4G in the wash 2 weeks ago, and throughout those two weeks while waiting for it to be repaired, I had to exclusively use my Android Phone...while it may just be the fact that the phone is 2 years old, I was supremely glad to have the old consistent feel of Apple back in my hands. I don't pretend to have much experience with Android, but at least right now, my comfort zone lies squarely in Apple's corner...the lack of capabilities my PHONE had in comparison to my iTouch was rather shocking, though possibly not surprising, as I said the device was 2 years old. So right now, consider me an Apple fanboy, but susceptible to changing over if the pastures on the other side are green enough 
Android is top dog. 
they shoud come out with a commercel that say bad dog@!!!
The real beauty of all of this is that he was forced against his will. He didn't want to pay so much money out right to get it replaced. The fact that he realized first hand that an Apple product is overpriced is like putting a sock in his mouth. Now what are people going to do when carriers start shifting to no contact plans and iPhones are sold at the 700-900$ price? While Google sells Nexus phones at half the price.... This is going to be very interesting
I'll be upgrading this fall. And if the 2013 iPhone is the predicted "S" refresh, I'm switching to Samsung.
Love my Galaxy Note II. Redefines "sick".
Matt S
+Brevard Smith totally agree. Android phone as a daily driver , apple tablet at home . in terms of iPod well having android phone there is no need for that , Google music just swap files now and than when on WiFi 
Cue android fanboi elated fiestas?

Seriously though, both are good but the note is more a PDA and the iPhone more a phone. Depending on how you wanna use it...
Android was MADE to customize...root it, overclock it, it was made to be personalized. You will feel liberated with android! Apple is stifling, not to mention Apple is run by a bunch of sue happy punks. You will soon love android if you don't already. Cheers!
Nah, I switched from an iPhone 4 to the Note II on AT&T and the android OS at least as presented by AT&T isn't ready for production yet. Alarms that don't go off on time, calendar appointments that just vanish, email disappearing from my inbox. No Android isn't a production OS - if you need your phone to work and be reliable you need an iPhone, if you want to play with technology and don't care if it works than get a droid. 
I don't understand the part about going to Verison, getting the Note and than trading to the iPhone5. Why didn't he just go to Verison and get the iPhone?
Mike M
It took a big man to open himself up to ridicule from both sides of the line and admit he was wrong like that. Good on him. I hope some of his diehard Apple friends see this and give Android another look with open eyes.
Android craigslist. His name is Kyle. Did my fone and you can call him afterwards & he'll still help you. I strongly recommend.
That was a good one..galaxy note is the best phone in the world*
After all the abuse I've taken for getting my (ridiculous) Note 2 FINALLY I can tell my friends and relatives (All iPhone users) that I knew I made the right desicion and HERE'S the proof! But unfortunately I know that the vast majority of the 'sheeple' would ignore this article and continue ridicule my "laptop, T.V, tablet, brick etc..." Note 2. Oh well, there is stop hope for those narrow minds! Lol :)
Samsung note 2 is better than the iphone5..bro! Good decision.. got my samsung galaxy note 10.1 and note II,.. and im happy..

I just change my iPhone 5 yesterday to HTC one x+,I love my HTC one x+ and galaxy note 2,they are my two best phone in the world becouse all I ever wanted in a phone I can find it in them not this crap the called iPhone.
iPhone 5 is garbage compare to Android smartphones.
Thing is though..If you're a serial custom ROM flasher/want faster Android ver upds and when it comes to current gen Exynos powered Galaxies here are your options:- 1. only deal with solidly developed, custom STOCK (as in official firmware) based ROMs IF you must or prefer to retain most Samsung apps + functions and 2. be advised/risk that AOSP based ROMs WILL LOSE certain features due to the fact that devs can't get their hands on 100% Exynos code docs. Since I'm an S II i9100g user (Ti OMAP 4430 international variant instead of the orig S II w/ Exynos) I know the diffs. Key thing is that we get CM10.1 (Android 4.2.1) faster than the i9100, as is was before w CM10/4.1.2. Hence why I'd only entertain the idea of upgrading to a Note II or III (any day couple of months now maybe) if Samsung fully open Exynos up.
+DJ yamin cnet has said the galaxy S3 is a better phone! And ask any S3 user if they want to replace their phone for a IPhone <
Its quickly coming up on iPhone in sales per quarter and I'm sure will eventually pass it! 
Of course iPhone 6 will come out and the race will start all over again! 
Most old Android phones are faster then iPhone 5. iPhone is for idiots
Try a Droid RAZR max HD. Battery life is unbelievable and phone is best out there.
I've had the Galaxy S3 and then saw the Galaxy Note and upgraded!!! ! I'm not surprised that you are so impressed with the Note 2... I left apple for the first htc Evo, and I didn't regret it, now with after owning with the S3 and the Note II, I feel like you would feel if you had dated the hottest girl in high school and had a hard time letting her go, but then here you are after college ended up marrying a model!...You don't miss the high school hottie no more, she's a thing of the past you see!!!
I can't believe you would want ijunk over Samsung's amazingness...
Oh and one last thing! Apple people please get use to this happening again again! The wool can only be pulled so far over the eye! ANY person who goes phone shopping other than an Apple store will see there are plenty of good devices to choose from besides Apple!
For those who spent the farm on Apple < they will never change! The rest of the world will! 🙌
+Brian Muldoon He claims that he expected to pay a much lower price than Verizon asked for. He was mad and switched carriers. But there is more to it. As another commenter points out, Carlos saw opportunity to pay less for high-value Note 2 and trade for iPhone 5. Had he bought AppleCare+ or gotten the deal he expected from Verizon he would never have experienced something else. And better.
I have galexy note its really good phone and l think its more beutiful than iphone and i think this facilites is good
What's you next post gonna say: I like white ppl more than black ppl? Guess what? No one gives a fuck what you think
Samsung has some cool products. Now if they could keep their products that are over a year old updated with the current Android rather than basically abandon them (like they have been doing with the G-S2 and first note) they would be on to something. Why buy Samsung if they drag their feet on updates? I still want a Note though. :)
What is over rated is fanboism. I've never owned an iPhone, but I've recommended it to a few people, especially if they are already pleased with another ios device. I can't figure how some people must believe they have the best phone or carrier and everyone else is wrong for being happy with their own choices. I'm hoping this guy doesn't become an insufferable note 2 fan now. I plan to upgrade to a note 2 as soon as I can, so many people are so pleased with it there must be fire in all the smoke.
Its the right choice...androids are eating apples each day
IPhone worshipers are nuts and presumably will never change
It is unwise to be Hardcore about anything. The cycle of giants dying off is inevitable because of the inability to adapt. That being said, Samsung is also set on the path to follow Apple and Microsoft and as smart individual, we should leave loyalty aside and take the best that market has to offer!
Cause its just the best smart phone right now on Planet earth
After years as a diehard iphone user I switched too
Ijust use what works best...
i love it but my samsung galaxy s3 operating system switched to android 4.0 ice cream sandwitch
yes now i can play a lot of games on my phone
Can't believe iphone users are on google+ they are usually on farcebook
Apple was the best once... Android was slow, laggy, buggy, crashed a lot, drained the battery, and gave iPhone fans so much to rip it to pieces for.

Now Android has the upper hand and even the serious iFans are seeing this. Apple may have won some pretty spectacular battles, but ultimately they are losing the war.
It's only a matter of time before all Apple customers realize Apple sucks
funny i actually looking forward to move to ios... but reading this well lets make some differences... gnote II plus ipad 4
+ali baratzadeh you just answered my post perfectly... You had Galaxy S2 probably running Gingerbread. Crashy... laggy... etc. Now try Jellybean on an S3 and tell me Android is Garbage as you see how slick and smooth a nice new Android device is, and Apple should be seriously scared about the S4 which we should be seeing very soon.
I've had three androids through t-slobile and the three of them compared are nothing like my iphone4s. I love my IPhone. And please don't make me express the hatred I have for t-slobile!
Resistance is futile lol☺
I purchased my note 2 the day t-mobile released them. I been in love ever since!!! Iphone sucksssssss! I have been saying this for years now! It takes iphone users to start switching to the Note 2 for people to see how much iphone sucks! I think this is absolutely awesome, people:)
Ενας ακόμα μαλακας στη τεράστια λίστα ηλιθιων. Η μαλακία στον κόσμο δεν έχει όρια. Σκατα στη γουγλε και στη σκατοσαμσουνγ τους κλεφταραδες. 
This is great; a must read for everyone. Forgetting the specific products in the article; this is a life lesson in having so much passionate preference over something that it makes you blind to alternatives that could be better for you. Open your mind and try new things!
Why do you think apple take out do many lawsuits against samsung?

If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em. 
Sometimes the best action is inactivity.
Such is life in Cupertino
hahahaha...  another note lover...   high five to note lover....   yooooo
I love my Galaxy Note. It's a great phone and easy to use.
buy new one ...korean clon cost RM 800...99% same like orgri..
Haha, just read that. Once you get past the 13 yr-old's writing style you really do get the sense he's has a gadget epiphany, an awakening to The Rest Of The World in phone technology.

Awww bless.
funny i actually looking forward to move to ios... but reading this well lets make some differences... gnote II plus ipad 4 seems like a good match...
Samsung Galaxy SII meets all my needs. The price is right, the phone is light weight and does'nt break or crack when even falling on a concrete surface. The screen size is just right. The phone can be put in your front shirt pockets without any hassles of feeling the weight. You can easily download the latest android applications and increase the usability options. All said and done I would say I have no complaints about this phone. Infact my galaxy SIi had fallen down 3 times on the floor without any scratch or wear or tear. I would say all round that its a marvellous piece of gadget.
I couldn't agree more, my note was a bigger revelation to me than my original iPhone 3s...
It's sad when someone feels lost just because he's missing his (whatever)Phone.
The phone is a TOOL. When you are slave to your tool then you need HELP.
Ks Burn
Haziq Imran hahaha...mybe u don know how to use android device..ipoor
Who cares about the I phone they are overrated. I stick to android. 
Can't wait to get rid of my iPhone 4S for an Android phone
Keep it that Way apple has. More money than the government. And you have to buy applications that droid has them for free. 
Let me warn those new to Android, if you want to get something different from the Samsung Galaxy, don't ever even think about getting an htc. I hated my crappy Sensation so much ,that even with only 4 months ,before I could get an upgrade to go, I was offering people £100 cash if they would take the contract. Needless to say no one took me up on the offer.
As far as I believe I am with the best smartphone SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE2
Verizon does not take care of their customers. 
+Mario Mendez Well for apple fans, you can't say iPhone has better screen display than galaxy note 2. Try to search the comparison on YouTube and you should shut up. But amoled vs bravia engine, yeah, bravia wins 
Does not surprise me after having 6 years of the same on the iPhone. Biggest news on the iPhone 5 = added one row of the same icons. Wow that's innovatio Android innovates every new version. 
I use too think the note screen was way too big. But now I see that size is good. Perfect for browsing, watching videos etc, and the s pen is just awesome. Bye bye apple hello Samsung.
I love my Nokia 610 but even I am getting infuriated with it when I am on voice when it thinks I am of another race and not a Scotsman 
4s and iPad 2 to galaxy s3 to nexus 4 and nexus 7. Don't know why it took me so long. 
He can keep the north... I stay down south.
I didn't know phone's meant so much WOW
what will other fanboy think?
For me android phones are far better than any,iphones are over rated

Some of you guys really get excited about how much money all these companies are making off of you buying new devices every year.
Its cos there bigger n harder to lose. And half the price for 10 times better device. Shud think himself lucky that he aint stuck with an iphone anymore
Galaxy III rules the moment
Im modn out my gs3 as we crack on this fool. gs3 wicked sinsations
I don't know why it confuses people. iPhones are really nice peices of tech made in the USA. Who wouldn't be supportive of a home grown company in this political/economic climate.

The truth is of course that Samsung has a better user device.

Those two arguments are the heart of the debate.

I'm European so I don't feel the need to support apple and as such I have a much better user device.

It's just a phone at the end of the day. But I'm so glad I have a great bit of kit. 
I switch from iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy Y I will never look back..
Welcome to the Droid Army
I had my brother in law's ipad 3 with me for about a week , 
i used it for about 2 hours first when i got it but after the novelty wore of it was like just another dumb device, 
in a nexus device the novelty never goes out, i get to try everything i want every week ..
love it.
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