Overnight, I published ebook Chromebook Reviews, which is available exclusively from Kindle Store. If you participate in Kindle Unlimited, the book is free to read and as such no ISBN is assigned.

This is a "living book" I will regularly update.

There is limited information about Chromebook 2 and Acer Chromebook 13 and none for the exciting Lenovo Yoga model with IPS display, because I haven't reviewed them. Yet. But you will find most of the others, including the ASUS C300.

This book is a buying guide, focusing on benefits rather than features -- and it strips back to basics. There aren't fancy comparative charts, because they shift too much focus on features. Benefits matter more.

Too many people confuse the two. The wrap-around holder for your Starbucks cup is a feature. Protecting your hand from burning is a benefit. While related, the two things are distinct.

Chromebook as a computing category is all about benefits over features.

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