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Seriously best commentary yet. Someone please send this to Judge Lucy Koh.
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this time its not the size or shape apple is suing over.  Its a feature in the android search that is implemented on this phone that Apple has a patent on.
"search", yeah, been done. Windows 95 had search.  Heck, Unix has had find and grep since before I was born.  Patent? seriously?  bah.
I can't help it they got the patent on this specific kind of meta search.  Blame the patent office.
That's ok because we know with 4.1 the search algorithm changes. So Apple can bite itself. Besides how do they get off suing the best search giant in history.
+Kevin Gault That's a good point. Could defendant lawyers argue that Galaxy Nexuses Google ships with Jellybean be removed from the injunction?

What irony, if the win bit Apple's butt by reducing fragmentation -- Sprint and Verizon rushing to Android 4.1.
We can only hope,  but I havent read exactly what that lawsuit covered either.  I'm not defending Apple either.  They are douches for resorting to these tactics.  Companies just need to make good products and let the people decide and not use litigation as a sales tactic,
I hope Verizon and Sprint jump quickly on updating us to 4.1. Verizon took too long to get me to 4.04. So I'm crossing my fingers on 4.1. Are you listening +Verizon Wireless?
+Joe Wilcox makes a fascinating point, this could be the best excuse to light a fire under manufacturers and carriers butts, to push out a new update. However, im not totally convinced they will do it in the way we are hoping, instead they might also just increase the permeation of the skin overlay, like HTC did.
Releasing an existing OS as is that is proven to work on the given hardware is much easier than creating a whole new skin, isn't it?
Considering the GNexus is nearly pure android, providers have no excuse quite frankly.
it IS as close to pure android as one can get.  It is Googles platform for "this is what we want in a phone".  
But we know how the providers like to stick their fingers in it regardless. But as Joe stated maybe with Apple's greed they will get it out as soon as Google gives to them.
> Someone please send this to Judge Lucy Koh

I did. She said she couldn't see the picture and asked for a braille version.
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