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+Dana Wollman writes about the Samsung Series 5 550 keyboard:

"One of the best we've tested lately. Seriously, folks, you're looking at a $449 netbook-like machine whose island-style keys put thousand-dollar Ultrabooks to shame. Compared to Samsung's own Series 9 laptops and other ultraportables, the chiclet keyboard on offer here actually has some bounce to it. The slightly deeper keys and even the quiet sound make it easy to settle in for hours of web surfing, email and story writing (well, if you're an Engadget editor, anyway)".

How write she is. The keyboard is exceptional, and I should have emphasized this more in my review.
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Your "write", i.e., right, is something that happens to me a lot. Homophones words do this. ;)

And yes, 449 is still too much for a computer like this for the regular consumer to be tempted.
+Joe Wilcox Joe, how does it compared to the old Series 5? I actually like the keyboard on mine, but quite a few people I know find it a bit too springy.
+Joe Wilcox +Dana Wollman -- so glad you enjoyed it! I'm a fan of it too and it makes productivity a breeze. I'm a maniacal typist and can really crank out an email/prose/PRD/post and this keyboard seems to just make things that much smoother.

Love that you noticed it :)
+Ian Betteridge The keyboard is excellent, Ian. It's better than what I would expect in this class of machine. The trackpad rates highly too. I'm rethinking my attitude about the price being possibly too high. There's a lot of quality here.
Mmm keyboards. That's the thing that you really can't swap out of a laptop easily so it really does matter. Its great to hear reviews of people singing its praises.
+Ricardo Almeida So far, I haven't had any noticeable slowdowns or jittery performance. This thing is smooth. But I'll need more time than a week to properly answer. Looks good today, though.
Went out and bought one this afternoon, and Joe's right - the keyboard on this is really, really nice. 
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