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If you are new to Google plus or just a fan of good photography and helpful photographers, this circle is for you!

Top +PE Photogs (1 of 2)


The circle(s) was created from +Jarek Klimek great #PlusPhotoExtract project, you can get to it here These are the photographers that have had their pictures chosen to be in it.

If you have not yet experienced the daily dose of incredible photography I would highly recommend it.

This is my current update for pictures (chosen as of 3/3)
I will be re-sharing this circle today to cover the time zones. I update it every other week on Tuesday PST.

Interesting stats for all the selected pictures and photographers can be found in the “About” section here:

There are some must haves like +Trey Ratcliff +Thomas Hawk +Mike Shaw +Alan Shapiro +Alexander Safonov +Patrick Di Fruscia +Benjamin Chase +Hengki Koentjoro +Jesse Estes +Joe Azure +Martin Rak +Olivier Du Tré +Peter From +Aaron Reed +Kees Smans +Alex Koloskov +Alvin Ing +Klaus Herrmann +Austin Thomas +Johan Swanepoel +Buck Shreck +Dave Beckerman +Lance Rudge +Mikko Lagerstedt +Victor Bezrukov and many other incredible photographers that share their photos and knowledge.

Please re-share this circle with your own followers so they can also enjoy the incredible photography!
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