Paddle little duckling, paddle to momma!
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And to think it all started with a dinosaur.
I had a duck when I was a kid. His name was Ducky Lucky. He would follow us EVERYWHERE. He got hit in the head with a baseball and kept falling over. One day Momma said Ducky Lucky went to the happy duck farm with his other duck friends. That story always seemed fishy to me.
I had a little ducky when I was about 3. His name was Howard (this was before the movie by the way). One day I was carrying him around in an Easter basket. I looked in the basket, and suddenly he was gone. When I looked around, I found him on the ground, dead. I guess he'd fallen out, I hadn't noticed, and stepped on him. Broke my little heart. :(
real beauty of nature which is unforgetable...................
That is the most adorable picture I've EVER SEEN!!! I just wanna squish it!!! :P
How cute! People eat ducks--won't they change their minds even after looking at this innocent creature!
mAi Hou
it should be delicious ....
Does that chick have a date because i now it could get one
Love this shot! Perfect for this weekend.
preciosa patito lindo
OOOMMMGGG!!!!! IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!,its so cute!!!!!!!
how can u get a close shot like that thats amazing :o
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