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Yep Legit.. already gave them mine, but I have the feeling they already knew it..
Lagos university was the first to do a degree in fraud back in 1980's
Must be some special algorithm, that helps you find what you are looking for, using your bank account number. Looks totally legit to me.
im a gurl and oh not john smith is like son not cute he ugly i am taken and yea
Needs an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
I do receive an email by one of the princesss.
how many princess are in Nigeria???
Every time a phishing email slips past my spam filters I'm tempted to reply from a disposable email address with details like Name: John Smith, Occuptation: FBI Agent...
It wouldn't surprise me if that's a real attempt by some idiot. Their standards are dropping all the time
Why would you need to enter your bank account number to search for an inheritance??
Come on people... the original post and this last comment are stereotyping - but different. The first is based on the behavior of a few (very few) Nigerians... but it is funny and you could argue, somewhat deserved. The second is simply ignorant. The name of the country is a reference to the Niger River (pronounced with a soft "g" - its origin is not clear) and given by the British... that is to say; there are no people who have this as their tribal, ethnic, aboriginal or group names. So, clearly YP either does not know anything about West African history or geography... or is attempting to be funny... and appears as racist.
I have heard that before. It's pretty cool!
I want something good to happen to me between 1-4 pm today but don't know to whom should I post. Sorry.
omg i thought the Fonejacker "George Adgdgdgwngo" had hijacked google then lol
Hey Hey I am a Nigerian and proud(we aren't that BAD!!
Sir i require your bank account details. its tottally legitimate
HA HA HA.. Thats a good one Joe..
come on its only a laugh theres no harm from it! lighten up. if the irish can laugh at them selfs!! then that means they are happy with who they are! so dont take it to personal, lifes too short for that
I can see someone using that too.
joe smith.........................sounds legit
LMAO. I want this app. And PS: Jorge Cervantes is a fraud. XD
um... it's not racist. I pokes fun at Nigerian schemers.
Some people ARE that stupid. I've recieved false checks from scammers for thousands of dollars. LMAO
Thar it's ok to send anything even if it's just an old word out 50 Dollar Bill
It should also include some random story about recently deceased Nigerian millionaire :)
you people are mean, that prince really needed help!
LOL! someone will fall for that. Where's the Ghana Google Bank Scam Logo?
Let me get my check book...oh, I don't believe in them either.
@ Lacy... the comment that was racist has been removed and had to do with the name of the country. But like I said, I think the original post is funny. As a Nigerian myself, I receive more of such messages than others. And yes many of them are from Nigeria.. although there are copy-cats. You could argue that the original Nigerian scammers learnt from others too... C'est la vie.
I'm hurt by this. Scams usually hit greedy people, also, the fraction of Nigerians that commit these infractions is quite negligible...I laughed real hard tho...LOL
ROFLMAO, the sad thing 'bout that, is that lot's of people actually entered they're bank account numbers
Woah! I've always wanted to share my bank account number with someone I don't know! Thanks, Google Nigeria! You just made my day!
yes just post your bank account details so the nigerian general can deposit $10,000,000 in it for you ;)
This true,i just received an e mail telling me one of those stories about millions that can t get out of the country&they need my help. . . . . . Etc
I wish there was a place to insert my ABA number.
this reminds me to check my email from nigeria
Lol!! I pity people who have to search for inheritance... heck I win millions in Nigerian scam lotteries daily!

Wait... not being greedy but perhaps I have a very very distant relative which left millions and nobody has claimed yet...
should be alright, I guess ?!?
By the way this is not racist, anyone that thinks so is wrong. The typical phishing email will be from a Nigerian prince who has nothing better to do than give you free money. This is a satire about phishing emails not about Nigerians.
y ur bank account #? That makes no sense at all!! I think they are trying to get ur bank account # so they can steal ur bank account and then they will hack it and u wont be able to get money out of it anymore!!
That's a great one for posterity..
Wow, it's really too bad to see that some of you are offended by this. I don't believe anyone is against all Nigerians or that anyone in this list is foolish enough to think that the only scammers in the world live in Nigeria. I think the biggest laughs are for the foolish people who are either so desperate or so greedy that they actually respond to such things. You could almost say that there are some people who deserve to lose money because they are too greedy to get their hands on money that they never participated in earning - those folks are every color under the sun and world wide.
This page would be vying for top rankings ..."*Greetings to you, My Name are George Atia Garba; I am theonly Son to Mazuk Atia Garba a politician and a previous member of Libya's executive committee on contract awards.* I boy from Nigeria and my Father and my Mother was killed by rebels upon the Crisis in Libya. I run to Niger Republic with the help of American Red Cross for my security and I am now in a Refugee Camp."
Quite an image of the stereotype image of what has become of nigeria!
Seems legit... 54380500....
I think a Nigerian actually called my Google Voice number (which is, of course, in my Google+ About Me section) the other night. He said, "I want to know you." And then something about a dead uncle.
i hate that you guys are insulting my country in every country there are bad people.like in the middle east always fighting,in america drug pushing and so on. 
i hate that you guys are insulting my country in every country there are bad people.like in the middle east always fighting,in america drug pushing and so on. 
You are right no one should ever insult someone else's country and we all have bad ppl in every place you go
anyone who ll accept that he's gonna get millions from unknown prince just like that is a fruaster.by the way majority of nigerians are honest people.
So the prince will give me money right?
Because Tony. You can trust google with your bank account number.
as a banker I just literally laughed out loud... is that wrong?
Apparently they will help you balance you account. Google rocks.
Take a joke Tony... Fudge?
Am I reading that right?
Thanks to everyone who commented. It makes be happy to be able to make others smile! I'm sorry if it might have offended some. It truly was not meant to be racist or stereotypical but merely to poke fun at the email we're all familiar with.

Thanks again and hope to see a lot of you on my circles.
+nj unaka if you were referring to the "N" word (the racist term) when you said its origins are unknown. It comes from the latin root 'nig' being to be ignorant or without knowledge then for 'nigger' as it were would mean to describe a person who is without knowledge or is ignorant or participates in the being of 'nig' or to be 'nig' . How it ever got to be a term of racism I do not know, I do find it quite cadly and appalling however.
Dong D.
Funny and depressing...

they'll steal your identity. never trust google
Oh look Google came out with a new of searching for your bank transactions.
iz not looks legit- iz seems legit... nuff said
U Guys r soooo raceist and steriotipical. You know that i am from Nigeria.
dude it's not about being racist...it's all about the LOL!
No Joe. This is very very funny. Any hommie who is offended, na you sabi.
I just can't stop laughing!!! Really Joe, this is WICKED!!!
I'm Nigerian and for one this is soooooo not true!! Sad and stupid thing is that some people would actually give out that information!!!!
Wetin dey do all of una? I have just downloaded this. It going to be my desktop, on my laptop, on my PCs on my droid!!!!!!! Everywhere :)
For you sad maraf**kers who can't take a joke, here's Google's official Naija page...
@ John Weland, you are right... but that is just one more common speculation by the "experts." So it's inconclusive. But then that got used. And frankly I'm not offended by that either. I was just pointing out that such comments are either due to ignorance of the origin of the country's name or an attempt to be funny. Then I said that the latter could appear racist - hence offending some. I was merely making a recommendation that he or she avoid doing that... nothing else. On the other hand I think the whole thing is funny. I know people on both sides - that is sent and received one of these missives. Life...
A bad egg makes others luk bad! Foooolish r d greedy ones who fall 4 it! Lolz..funny
that is the stupidist thing i have seen in a while.
no it works I got millions coming! (disneyland here I come!)
Old ladies around the country are throwing down their digits hard, lol
wow i cant believe people would fall for that stuff
haha would people actually be idiotic enough to do that?
This made me choke on my Coke for a sec. Hilarious!
bank???????? oooh dear uhmmmm uhhhh damn i forgot
hey im a little kid, watch the language!
tobby o
Pay-Per-Search (Ad Free)
Two words. Economically Dumb. besides that, pretty legit
Weli A
I did, now I have to check my inbox for further instructions.
Most of the scams I get these days are from China or Hong Kong. But I recognise it as a joke - please. When I visited Nigeria, I found the scams are real life (i.e. in the market place), and in a much higher proportion than in other countries I had visited. The Nigerians complaining here may like to boost the integrity of how they relate to each other - Yoruba to Hausa etc. Also how they treat people closer to each other such as in this incident: http://www.compassdirect.org/english/country/nigeria/article_1499111.html/.
They need a box for my mother's maiden name.
Biggest scam emails come from Nigeria...Cant believe people still fall for that stuff!
Tht is so original...! Lol :p
Nigeria is where you get your UK lottery winning announcements. What a marvelous place....
Only if it promises to deposit it's ill-gotten funds from some bloody civil uprising into the account... for safe-keeping..... :)
HA HA HA HA who would ever fall for that. probably some people.
There are scammers everywhere. If you ever believed a story about a Nigerian Prince wanting to get rid of his money, then foolish, greedy and dumb is the right word.
that's 3 words. but otherwise, you're right.
i lol'd so hard, nice image lol. "search for inheritance" that killed me. lol
because people DEFINITELY want nigerians to steal their dough
Helpful way of keeping track of my inheritance. 
Helpful way of keeping track of my inheritance. 
m enter my bank account number : but It's look like *****************
Google is really SAFE.....
Hi! Nigerians. If u want my bank account no. then give me your account no. first. hahaha.....
Them greedy Nigerian politician will try anything to get more money.
people preying on the trust and sometimes daftness of others to scam them out of their thousands of dollars is bad.. But you know what is worse? All them Western corporations stealing all the natural resources (Gold, Diamond, Oil, Land etc) from Sierra Leone to the Niger Delta.. destroying the the local habitat and leaving the people with nothing but poverty and deprivation. western Government and corporations steal more (money and hope) from Africa in a day than Nigerian scammers can ever hope to steal in a life time
me too!!! now STOP IGNORING ME!!!!!!!!!
+Joe Smith This aint funny. All Nigerians are not scammers. Just the handiwork of some.
nobody said all Nigerians are scammers. it's just that there always have been a lot of scams coming from people who say they are in Nigeria about claiming their inheritance...it's just a commentary on those scammers. there are a lot of blond jokes out there, but we all know that there some very intelligent blonds do exist. it's just a clever little graphic, not a big deal. you can make a joke about brunette graphic designers if it makes you feel better. if it's clever, i will laugh.
Omg!!! I love this! I work in the fraud department at a bank and see all kids of crazy shit! I don't think it's racist, I would have laughed no matter what country was associated with it!
its called the nigerian scam because it was first based on the nigerian prince or other things inbolving you giving money in return for more money, and the money scam in general began to be called the nigerian scam
Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Becka Murphy watch ur language young lady
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