Gardening Tip#124763 -   When growing labs always ensure plenty of space in the container and be sure to pick it once it's reached it's full size.
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Great post - why is it labs will always find the most awkward place to claim their own 
Mary M
Is this species an annual or will it come back in bloom every year?
My dad had had labs for years and whenever we could not find him or her we always had to think of the most illogical place 
Loyal warm and friendly but very protective never pick on a kid with a lab you will not like it.
Both but don't prune around the ears ... just the toes and grooming can be all year round. :))
Looks like it might need a bigger container.  You don't want these getting root bound.
That is so cute! Love labs, big or small.  I have yorkies who think they are labs!
Are you sure you didn't over water this one?  He seems kind of
someone water that lab ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Wow it pretty bt it look like it might need a big container
Love labradors one of my favourite breeds. Ah 
That dog is sooooo cute!!!!!!
+zahra Motamedi Fard You obviously have never had the unconditional love and dedication from a dog.  Its something unexplainable....
How sweet can that be? Have two that would do same thing.
ikr really cutexx
so sweet - thank you for sharing this.....
that looks like my yellow lab and i had to put her down:'(
It is the rarest flower I saw in my life....So cute...Hehehe
Always so precious......while they're sleeping
Amazingly captured! I've a black retriever. . Does all these sweet things. 
Maia B
Grow me one!!!!! sister would so love me cause I went eco friendly when growing a dog. lol
I have a similar pic of my SHepherd mix playing in a patio planter FULL of water. Nice to see that we are not the only gardeners growing puppies.
And water well. 
that looks akwardly uncomfortable...but its still really cute!!
I think it's time to re-pot him! Beautiful!
We have 3 dogs, a German shepherd. Chihuahua , and a terrier chihuahua mix. The shepherd will Always lay in my freshly planted flower garden , but I don't have the heart to scold him!! God love him, they are just like are children!!
hmm .. are pleased to have the cute dog like that?
Where can I purchase seeds to grow an Akita? LOL
so adorable I love dogs my daughter has a english bull dogs thats a good bred woth kids
awwwwwww the doggy is sooooo cute
awwwwwww the doggy is sooooo cute
I think that thats the cutest doggy I've ever seen:)
Too cute!  I grew up with black labs.  
Message me! I need some friends! NEW ON HERE! Im the one on the right if wondering!
..hello,good morning to all..message me please.thank you..GoD bLeSS
Make sure you have enough drainage holes too
my dog (before he died) used to do that
Oh the cat's gonna be mad.  lol
I it's adorable but I like Golden Retrievers better that Labs. 
To cute i can see my lab Grace doing that 
Love the comfy
Guess that's the reason we keep them, spontaneously, they make us laugh to let go of the stress.
Aww! I wish I knew how to grow a lab...
Selin A
lab puppies are so cute!
How did you get this picture? I have that dog and that planter. Great shot..
My yellow lab tries to squeeze into any little space.  That planter would look pretty tempting.
awww that's so cute <3
Think there may need to be more space in that container....
No great reason, just all out and need a place to get a little shut eye.
We have a lab.  I tell my husband it's his other wife because they are always together........Thank God for that dog.
I bet those seeds cost a pertty penny
Labs are very loving and also so smart!
Container gardening at its best.Monty Don please take note!
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