Titanic ... then and now
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You know there's a guy that plans to actually go down and paint it as in a piece of art for people to visit !!!
I'm not sure the platform they'll use yet. I watched this on Nat Geo a month ago.
I hear on my facebook page that some aussie wants to build an exact replica. dunno if it's true. i haven't checked it out. Still a very call picture, if a little creepy but in saying that i never did like to look at picture of sunken ships. Something very eerie about them.
ya I know what you mean +Dave Williams .. I feel the same way. It's kinda ghostly and fascinating at the same time. be interesting if someone replicated the titanic but for sure it would fail many safety standards in it's existing format. Maybe just the hull would be different ...along with a few other more modern advancements.
I feel they should respect the site
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