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I need one of these in my backyard :)
The half-billion-dollar laser, er, why Silicon Valley is gonna be important for decades

If you are in Silicon Valley you probably drive over it if you drive Freeway 280. 

It's a long building right next to Marc Andreessen's office (you can actually see his office in the top right of the photo below) and runs right next to Sand Hill Road. 

What are they doing there? 

Well, they rebuilt it. Back in the old days this used to be the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Now it's just called "SLAC." It's the place the first website in the United States was done (by Google+ member +Bebo White who used to work there as a physicist).

But now they have a new half-billion-dollar machine inside. It's the Linac Coherent Light Source. What does that do? It converts accelerated particles to XRays and runs them down a tube to a variety of experiments. It's like a really long, really bright, XRay Laser.

This thing is damn bright as XRay lasers go (I think it's the brightest in the world) and accurate, with pulse timings down to a few femtoseconds of accuracy. Read the details about the science they are doing here:

What does this machine do? It lets scientists study materials at the atomic and molecular level AND see electron interactions.

Why is this machine important? 

Because it will let scientists find new ways to make processors and memories even smaller. 

Industry is so interested in this machine (they pay to rent time on it and conduct experiments) that SLAC is building a second version. 

It's why Silicon Valley will be important for decades to come. How many startup communities can claim to have one of these in their backyards?
March 6, 2013
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The "my flights" search that pulls flight info based on confirmations in your Gmail is pretty slick. Just tested it. More on the field trial here

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Works great on my iPhone! Nice!
remember this url: . next time you want to check your gmail on a public computer, don't trust even the incognito window because an installed keylogger can record your keystrokes, which unsurprisingly, include your password. use your phone to scan the qrcode on the sesame web page and hit the resultant url -- the desktop browser will automagically redirect to your logged-in gmail without entering your password. yes, i think you do need an android phone with a properly configure google account for this to work.

update: iphone works as well per +Jason Ferrando

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Very cool!
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Time Twister - LEGO Mindstorms Digital Clock

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Not out in Canada yet :(
iPhone, meet Google+

Share just the right stuff, with just the right circles :-)

This app should be rolling out over the next few hours. Try getting it here:

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This is probably the best start-up advice deck I've seen in a very very long time. It should be required reading before anybody even thinks about doing a start up.
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