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Joe Strosnider
I am of not knowing that informations.
I am of not knowing that informations.

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I started a YouTube Channel! Check out my review of the UltimateMicro No-Slot Clock!

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The end of an era. The motorola droid milestone is dead. Long live the iPhone 4S.

Man, this thing takes great pictures, though.

SOPA and PIPA suck. Protest them. Tell your senators and representatives this deal is bogus and we won't take it.

Bad bad bad.

It's a serious challenge writing code on an Apple II. Unless you're a super geek, you have two languages to choose and they vary from unfriendly to sadistic. Add in the constrained memory limits, and you have some crazy sh*t.

I love it!! I'm converting an old Nibble magazine app to work with 80 column text and support extended RAM. It was an app i'd used to write stories and make a database of my Lego universe back in the 90's. (Yeah, I was on Apple II hardware until 1996.)

Why, you ask? Because its fun. Challenging enough to keep me trying, yet easy enough to keep me from walking away.

The best part? I'm doing it on my original hardware. No emulation required.

Does it make me a geek that I rewired the exhaust fan on my file server to the 5 volt rail so it would run slower and therefore quieter? Whatever the case, it's still running cool and the system is very quiet. Plus one for geeks, I guess.
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