Talk about gouging your audience.  Just noticed that the new book from the Harry Potter author (called "The Casual Vacany") that goes on sale Sep 27th is really sticking it to ebook readers.  Now I'm not one of them, but right now, to pre-order the hardback book on is $20.93 (40% off).  However, the Kindle pre-order price is $19.99.  That's a massive price for an ebook, when there's no cost involved in making more copies of the ebook.   Congrats on the Hatchette Book Group for gouging the hell out of their audience.
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I just re-read my original post.  "Now I'm not one of them" was supposed to refer to being a Harry Potter/JK Rowling fan.  I am a fan of ereaders.  Owned the original Kindle model, and then later got a Kindle 3.  My 7 year old has her own Kindle, too.  :)
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