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Great Beers of Wellington - from our first night of the G3 tour down under!
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I was back in NZ a few weeks ago myself and I was at the new Tuatara launch a few weeks back in one of the little boutique bars off Edward street opposite manners mall. Has a Yeastie Boys sign outside but can't remember the name. Yes a nice brew.

When you get to Sydney on the 30th and want to try some more great beer check out There's a list on the site of places who still have some.

Or if he hasn't sold out the latest brew maybe +Darren 'Doc' Robinson can send you a few cold ones to the venue.
Have fun in the sun! We just had our MI reunion Joe lot's of your friends were there.
Make sure you try some Epic ales....beautiful stuff.
Joe and I have the same tastes: guitar, SF, haircuts, and beer. We should hang out the next time you come to Edmonton!
Bohemian Pilsner...hmmm, good choice, Czech beer is best of the world ;)
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