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Joe Satriani hung out with 4 people.Sammy Hagar, Leland Luster, Nathan Campion, and Darren Johnson
Chickenfoot Rehearsal May Day 2012
Joe Satriani and 4 others participated
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El mejor supergrupo del Hard Rock!!!!!!!!Best Hard Rock Supergroup ever!!!!;DDD
Sounded awesome guys. Can't wait for new tracks!!
Holy Cow!!!
I just get home from work & I'm treated to a show

Cool beans
June M
audio dude ?
Well Hellllooooooo! Nice to see you guys are getting ready for us because we are oh so ready for you!! GET YER FREAKIN BOOTS ON BABY!!!!
Jus curious what is a hangout? Too much too fast...
too exclusive for the scum on the street like us!
Sammy Hagar, yes, but is that also Michael Anthony on bass?
hang out have a maximum number of people that you hang out

hopefully joe do another hang out for the rest of his fans enjoy
This is so awesome.....rehearse Sexy Little Thing!!!!!
well "Joe Satriani hung out with 4 people". I'm fairly sure hangouts support more than 4 people!!
So that was Chickenfoot, huh.
Basically a lesson in how not to hold a Hangout.
The guy wearing a hat and sun glasses needs to turn his Mike off... We can here ya typing..
it`s included me as hanging out but it wasn't working for me this end ??????
Can't get this thing to work :(
States "This video is private. Then why the FB post. Bad form guys.
It says the video is private and I can't view it. For a second there Daz I thought you were on it - :(
I was in the hangout skip, although i saw nothing and google kept on throwing up some message about phonecalls
You mean you had no vision? Could you talk to them?
No, there was on other guy in there and I could see and hear each other but not the band......
Hi everyone - we were just doing a little experiment trying to use a hangout for bringing you into rehearsal -- there are some limitations in using it in this way, but we'll upload an archive to show you how it went down!
Probably would have been better with a videographer behind the camera that knew what he/she was doing and had a bit more stability to the camera (and the talking by the camera-person should have been stifled). Was cool to see the King Sammy and Slash jammin' with ya'all (nice wig Joe). :-)
Sorry I missed it, very cool to see you guys trying to use new tech to let the fans in a lil more. Cheers.
Thanks Joe,Sammy,Mikey,Kenny and Jon, hopefully the technical issues will be resolved for the next Hangout
When are you hanging out again? I would like to be invited. Please and Thank you. 
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