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and this one is a bit insane...
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Insane is an understatement. Unbelievable amazing WOW
A bit? I can't even play the rhythm part using one guitar. What a cool version. (BTW..this song my ring tone!)
Здорово, очень красивая музыка. Даже не вериться, что вот так, можно на двух одновременно гитарах играть.
i really dig the stuff with chickenfoot !! keep it going, will you bring chickenfoot to salt lake city ?
Un-freakin' believable!
+Matthew: It's my ringtone too! Has been for over four years. 
wow i love this reminds me of heaven around the throne of God
Действитено человек осьминог, но это замечательно. Видела в клипе женщину без рук, так она все делает ногами. Творческий человек найдет, как себя проявить.
My jaw hit the desk... ouch! +Joe Satriani you are to be credited with such a beautiful composition, but this rendition is truly mind blowing! I may never pick up a guitar again. LOL! :-)
I guess he just doesn't want to invest in an actual two-bridged guitar?
+Ryan Trostle Or maybe he does not want to share to profits/takings with another guitarist? :-)
On a piano you always play with two hands, why would it be any more difficult on guitars?
First time i heard this song was my mate playing along with it..many years ago, still a favourite!

@Joe Satriani..regarding this guys play style, check out Zack Kim on youtube..found him there last year..awesome!!
Zack Kim - Pieces (of You) (Original)
Rhett is better than most guitarists by a factor of four (two hands to play one guitar vs. two hands to play two guitars). Awesomeness!
Shusbutt! thats some co ordination going on there!
OH, my wonderful friend, Rhett! So happy to see all the good comments here. He is truly an amazing talent.
আমাদের কান্না শুনে আমাদের মা শুধু একদিনই হাসে। যেদিনআমাদের জন্ম হয়, যেদিন কান্নার শব্দে পৃথিবীকে আমরাজানিয়ে দিই আমাদের আগমন বার্তা...:)
What can't a talented person achieve when there is will and hard work huh?
Awesome!! Just awesome and breautiful!!!
but ur profile pic stinks i think the profile pic is u so kindly change it
I really love that. This guy did a marvelous job. Viva Joe
Aren't us mere mortals lucky there are talented people in this world that can amaze us and take away all our troubles but for a couple of minutes
very nice. amazing display of what the human mind and body can do!!
А кто интересно струны перебирал? 2 гитариста за кулисами?
Nice rendition of one of my favorite songs of all time.
;) just a little insane... Beautiful! I could listen to Joe's amazing stuff all day... Cheers!
wow amongst all the misery on the news about people doing this that and the other this shows what humans are supposed to be doing ! great stuff !
The entire song without picking and with two guitars, that's pretty impressive! Thanks for sharing this Joe! Reminds me a little bit of the technique you use in your song "Midnight"...
i don't see the sense of the guitar he's holding on. it seems the guitar on the stand is the only one that's producing the music.
OMG, my mouth are still opened. amazing big time
I guess the dude plays piano as well.
wht is the skillls of harmonium
tell me how keep tht master to ply
do u know how to play like 2012 releases like pop
I give up. Guitars and amps for sale.
an nice thing to see a guitarist playing with two guitars. WoW!!!
Playing two guitars me I say that is the work of dexterity!
That's what I call multi-dextrous!! Very clever!
Excellent. Such skill is incredibly impressive. Thank you for sharing this one.
This is the video I will show when anyone asks why I have more than one guitar.
Stanley Jordan has done a few songs with the two guitar thing... must be a jazz accomplishment badge. Amazing... must have a juggler's mind to pull that off.
Joe Satriani ur totally kick asss.....
....this is gorgues..beautifull look to walk on guitar 5 people...)
makes my struggles with one, a little lame!
*jaw dropped, approximately 4 feet from where I stand.
The song was and still is amazing . This screams talent. I remeber seeing Joe do this a Gibson tribute. But have never seen it done with 2 guitars. Extreme talent and devotion.
Thanks for the share - I went to Rhetts website and it was a blessing to hear how it went about using his talents and now helps with cancer research.
Thank You For the TREAT
good idea, perfect play... amazing :) what next? :)
Now you have to do that on stage, Joe!
cool...and he's named like the main character in "Gone with the wind"
What talking about. ....hand full 
buenísimo desde chilito un saludo afectuoso al interprete y a la vez otro gran abrazo al creador satriani
Wow, that brought a tear to my eye....Simply amazing
That's really pretty! good job!(:
Incredible, I've never seen anything like that
Ben Wan
What is picking the string?
Now that is a true Musician right there! Pure talent!
Awesome!!!!! o_O , yo puedo tocar asi en mi imaginacion ahahahaha!!
Really cool I'm jammed out while eating breakfast . I've seen a double neck but not anyone actually play two at the same time
I absolutely love your music Joe you're amazing!!! I've played my piano to this with you many times and have always dreamed of playing with you in person one day...One can dream right? :) It's a human privilege :D Keep the beautiful songs coming!!!!!
First time I have ever seen this done. Absolutely amazing! KONY 2012
I saw him do this live at a guitar show in Dallas a few years back. Beautiful song and even better execution.
wwoooooww. now i love that song 3 times more than i do when I hear joe play it. thanks. makes me want to start playing guitar again.
Cual sera el limite humano? Cuando uno cree que lo ha visto todo, se maravilla al ver cosas como esta.
Unbelievably talented...very jealous. Great video!
muy hermoso, gracias por compartir cosas bellas y gente talentosa.
this song for sure is one of the best songs ever. Thanks Joe for it!
The left and rigft sides of his brain in perfect harmony...

Frankly Scarlett ... great performance ")
All those months as a kid I spent practising the chords, and never quiet getting them smooth....
Fantastic - very, impressive.
Geez . . .I can't even play one guitar!!
I have been looking for this tune for some years now ,never could remember the name,thank you.
Hey +Joe Satriani can you explain to us novices what he is doing here? I mean it seems like just very smooth hammer-on and pull-offs. But I'm confused because the bass line seems to be out of sync with his movements and notes seem to be ringing so loud and true with just the softest touch. Hows he do that? Cant get my guitar to do that. Oh and it also looks like he's got the strings muted...sup with that?
Went to high school n still friends with Denise Richards,she never mentioned San Diego or Oceanside in her interviews,are you so easily to forget your roots too?
Rhett Butler is truly talented. What an incredible performance!
That's great. Amazing talent I must say.
Wonder what he could do with two hands on one guitar?
:D wonderful :) this was the first Satch song i learned :D
Wow.. it's amazing he can play two guitars at the same time.
It was my wedding song instead of the traditional wedding march this was what I walked up to my husband and minister to
The 2 brained guitar wonder ! How awesome !
Thanks Joe for such a moving song and thanks to Rhett for a cool interpretation played an interesting way.
beautiful and amazing thanks for sharing joe!
I am completely blown away by this. Thanks for sharing this one!
See that? It's called "Been Awesome"
Been a fan since a friend played surfing with the alien for me!

Keep on rocking Joe!
Kinda sad when you think, he may be better w/ each hand than I am w/ both.
Phil G
He's very good. Stanley Jordan does that well too. And here are most of us just trying to play a tune on one guitar...
I'm waiting to see someone play four guitars using their feet (or dare I ask for five?)
Amazing, that must be so difficult.
Part of me wants to simply dimiss this kind of thing as a parlor trick but when it sounds this nice, well.....

My first experience with "two guitars at once" was at a little dive in New Orleans, Apple Bottoms, where this unique guy played guitar with his hands and a bass with his feet. I left amused, amazed, and a little drunk.

...Thanks for posting it, Joe
I'm soooooo jealous! I have 3 guitars and I can only play one at a time.
Cool never seen this B4 well worked
Beauty in the hands of a talent! Can it get better?
That does it... I quit! Who would even think of trying this? I don't care how talented he is he still must have practiced for hours. Now lets see him play it with his toes then I'll be impressed. :-)
íEs maravilloso , quien pudiera interpretar la música con dos instrumentos, lindisimo
The Rhassan Roland Kirk of guitar. I've never heard anyone play two guitars this well. (I've only seen a few try). Amazing.
Didn't Stanley Jordan used to do something along the same lines? This is crazy tho....
Chan Li
li song
This is Super Natural!
A billion of cover note-by-note on youtube, but this is an original and good rearrangement for guitar... ops two guitar. +1 For this man and +1 for mr. Satriani!
Dear jesus that must have taken a while!
Google, you have surpassed yourself with sending this mail of the most mind blowing experience, not only can Mr Rhett Butler sing, but he is such a HUMBLE Gentleman, I used headphones to listen, and that bass sound was Cinematically awesome will listen to all 12 segments you have sent me, Thanks. Gordon Reid
combination of pleasing and soothing melody that touches the broken heart and taken to a wonderful world .
Joe Satriani is the god of guitar excellent so sooth, so easy to listen to...Rhett Butler did good but noone can be as good a Joe.
There is a man who plays with the two hands
Rhett Butler gives a damn after all...
very nice dude!i hope you should success every where. :)
Nobody seems to mention the eight stringed guitar! Where did THAT come from?!
Adam D
Talk about such focus. Two guitars and making it seem so easy.
this is so cool! like for listening around 2pm with the sun shining... with guys like this out there, I some times wonder, what the heck do I have that guitar for??
``waw`` fantastis to playing guitar,,,,,,,
awesome !!!! great tone a technique !
ww amazing like this gues''i support u'
it took forever to learn this song as a kid... that was with one guitar!! haha.. this is great!
beautiful and awesome! This was amazing to watch and listen to. Way to go!!
man o man when you can play as well as Joe that's a feat- but to duel it on 2 gits at once- bad-ass
Wow! Never seen anything quite like that, unreal!!! Really enjoyed!
เก่งและไพเราะมาก that so good.
I sat five feet away and watched Rhett perform this song in this on those two guitars at my home college. In fact, it's what got me started listening to you. It's a truly amazing sight, but I will admit that it's also demoralizing for a beginning guitarist. I was awe-struck and depressed at the same time. I wanted to shake his hand, but I also almost quit guitar after that. I'm glad you've seen this. A lot of what Rhett Butler writes is great, too. I'm not a major fan of some of his stuff, but he is a master of so many styles that it's hard to even describe his playing, other than just saying it's amazing.
Paul G
He must be an Alien!!
impresionante el tipo...
gave me the goosebumps,,,awesome!!!
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