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75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge's fireworks are amazing - and they chose Big Bad Moon as the backing track. Check it out!
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Makes a pretty cool music video.
Smokin Joe;Check out my Facebook page@William J.Ray. I got a picture of [Big MO] the USS Missouri returning {us} sailors from deployment in Desert Storm sailing under the "Golden Gate Bridge"'s pretty cool: just like"BIG BAD MOON"...........later Satch......:)
Yeah Satch.. I checked out the backing track "Big Bad Moon" and I was" Rocking Out" until they they started playing Golden Oldies...??? Anyway, the Fireworks were awesome as was 'Big Bad MOON".......:)
Saw that yesterday.. also felt good to hear that song..
i didnt hear journey... but it was great...metallica and tony bennett, santana and the rest were awesome...
They cut Big Bad Moon short :(, but i suppose they are using all music originating from SF :)
Wow... I got goosebumps watching that and listening to Satch tear it up. Metallica's "Hit The Lights" was incredibly fitting as well. So awesome.
i didnt hear journey, but i  can listen to them anytime...49ers rule..
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