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Dad, Baker, Tinkerer, Marketer
Dad, Baker, Tinkerer, Marketer

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Drinking with out the lbs. :)

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Ban Someone From a Facebook Page Permanently
I had to preemptively block a Facebook user… Why I needed to block this user is neither here nor there, but when I tried to figure out how to do it, I couldn’t find an answer anywhere. I knew I could block a user who had already liked or commented on the pa...

I'm liking this new share button at the top, right-hand corner of my Gmail page. Makes for easy sharing ...

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Hey +George E. Williams IV, I saw this and thought of you.

Hope you're doing well.

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So it's been settled: If you're a monkey, you should definitely eat less food. 

Human trials are starting next week, I heard.

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First stain in my shelves. Another week & they should be up! #woodworking
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Facebook is changing the Like and Share buttons that sites around the world use every day.

The change starts today, so don't be too freaked out.

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This is a conversation we need to be having more :

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The one that shocked me the most was Philadelphia Cream Cheese.
Millennials' "Most Loved" Brands  (Millennials = 18-24)

A couple of thoughts.
1. It is very very hard for any company to change status quo thinking. Everyone knows that our current customers are going to evolve/die/be replace. Yet we all passionately stay stuck with the people/markets/categories we know. Just look at this table and imagine how difficult it is to be Microsoft. Billions of dollars coming from the right, yet the left is the future. Solving for this is hard, hence the dual-faced Windows 8 which has a hard time working for both the right and the left.

2. People name iPod and not Apple. I find that fascinating. (And why not iPhone or the iPad?)

3. Four foods on the right, only two on the left. Interesting. (I've never had any product ever made by Betty Crocker. Is that weird?)

4. Biggest surprises... On the right: American Red Cross. On the left: Google Chrome.

What do you find interesting in this dataset?

The data is from Vision Critical which surveyed 7,000 US Millennials and 28,000 individuals in the general market.

#marketing   #branding   #evolution   #innovation  
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