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Regardless what phone you're carrying, we want to make sure you can still use Google+. That's why we provide app-, web-, and SMS-based versions of Google+ for your mobile device. Over the last few weeks we've rolled out some improvements for users with basic mobile web browsers (including those found on BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Mobile devices):
* New home screen with links to your stream, circles, profile and notifications
* Freshly polished design for the stream, posts, and profiles
* New notifications view with unread counts
* New people and circle views, including people search
* Improved commenting on posts

Visit in your mobile browser to check out some of the recent updates.

Release notes can be found at:

We look forward to hearing more of your feedback and stay tuned for more good stuff to come!
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I'd love to be able to check how many circles I'm in from my iPhone... love that app. It's rock-solid.
Still a dedicated Google + app for nokia, blackberry would have been better ... m using Symbian ^3 phone ... but sadly i'd to visit the sluggish Google + website. I hope this changes provide a better experience and i resume using Google plus on my cell phone which i stopped almost 5 weeks ago :(
I'm running google+ on my android and it looks very similar to the one above. I love it! it wasn't in the amazon app store yet but it was in android market.
Hi i tried the website ... and one of the problems still exist in the web app "Could not fetch cricles" . tried it from Opera Mobile, and the nokia browser 7.0 ... doesn't work :/
+Raj Mehra , I have not seen this bug. When does this message appear? When you go to the circle list from the menu, or when you are changing who can see something you are sharing?
+Joe Rideout whenever i try to share a post ... and add the circles with whom i want to share it... it gives me that error "Could not fetch cricles":( and thats the reason i stopped using Google + on my cell phone for 5 weeks now .. It's better on pc ..than the web app on phone :/ and sadly Google haven't released any app for Nokia/ blackberry :(
+Joe Rideout and honestly it still does not load properly. I'm using N8. Tried opening up the Web app in Opera Mobile ... same issue. I'm sure .. network shouldn't be the problem as i'm using 3G
Previously, if I viewed a public URL within using the Nexus One browser, the browser would be redirected to a Buzz website with only somebody's profile at best, and sometimes not even that. This was a terrible flaw, because if I emailed a public Google Plus URL to somebody, and the recipient viewed the email on their mobile device, they saw nothing useful. (Almost as bad as receiving a Facebook link, which ends up showing a login screen to the poor recipient. Someday I will write a filter that autodeletes mail that includes a Facebook link. For now, I do it manually.)

Now I see that i can actually view the URL contents, so maybe the problem has been fixed. However, neither the previous autoredirection to Buzz nor the current fix (if it's a permanent fix) seems to be documented anywhere. Not in the release notes for sure.

Even now, however, the mobile view isn't as good as it should be. I see white vertical bars to the left and right. So I have to scroll the screen sideways carefully to bring the text into view. Even in the desktop view there is a lot of wasted screen space on the left and right. On a mobile screen this is fatally bad.

So this brings us to why so many people write apps. Not because apps are fundamentally needed to view websites, but rather, because so many websites are so poorly designed and include wasted vertical space to the left and right. (Google Plus being no exception.) So long as there were no mobile browsers, this design strategy worked, because we learnt to just ignore the wasted vertical columns. Now, on mobile devices, that does not work any more. So we write apps and the apps filter out those useless vertical columns. Now its time for website designers to filter out those wasted columns in the web server itself. Just give us the content please! And we won't need an app for each website.
this is great ... keep up the good work! ...

one question ... can i upload photographs to G+ from the web version and if so, how? ... if not, why not? ... ;-) ... i have a nokia 5800 xpress music and this feature would come in really handy ...

i really don't understand, why there is no app for symbian phones ... most app developers seem to forget that symbian is the most popular smartphone OS on the market with 37.6% of the sector’s total sales [source: wikipedia] ...

i'd love to buy an android phone, but they are not exactly in my price range (i've been in between jobs for a long, long time) ... i am an avid G+ user though and another feature that i really miss, and that an app would be able to provide, are the hangouts ...

i don't know ... you'll probably never make an app for symbian phones, but i thought i just throw in my two cents worth ... miracles do happen ...
+Joe Rideout

I'm carrying an iPad yet there is no iPad app.

The iPhone app is the closet thing I have as a solution. Why not just format the iPhone app to display on an iPad until you have a better solution ?

Lasta update of g+ For android is not compatible with lots of devices and g+ disappeared in the market. So i can t use g+ 
Cheers Joe. We still need major fixes on Safari (iOS) devices. The iPhone app is ok, but I still switch over to the web to do things I can't do with the app. Also I use Safari all the time on the iPad. IMHO you still cannot fully use G+ on iOS/Apple devices. Full Safari support would enable that to be overcome without apps. Please consider adding the Safari fixes to the roadmap. Also, can you let Opera on iOS run, I understand it would be unsupported; but if you are building these to web standards I'm sure the Opera team will work to make it function. Right now it just redirects away on Opera and there doesn't seem to be a workaround.
+Joe Rideout like +Federico Ullua said, the android app since version 1.0.7 isn't working any more out of the market on some devices like my HTC Wildfire (Buzz) - maybe because of screensize? It's a shame! I got this version from another source than the market and it works perfectly, at least the basic functions (I didn't want to use hangouts on it at all). But why stopping delivering it to these devices if the major features work? This makes no sense…
+Michael Romig I'm on google+ all the time on my iPad with the iPhone app. Why do you use the web instead of the app ? 
+Euro Maestro App bugs aside, I just don't use iphone apps on my iPad unless I have too....I have an iPhone; If I want a tiny user interface I'll use the phone . And Google+ is BROKEN on safari/iOS devices; hence the feedback.
+Michael Romig I have issues as well with using the iPhone app on my iPad. I've practically been begging google to release a native iPad app. But as I much as I see the flaws with the iPhone app, it seems to provide a better experience than using the web app.

Winston Churchill said that democracy was the worst firm of government except for all the others. 
Android app update coming soon!
I got the update of the Android G+ app through the market yesterday… yeah, it works again on my HTC Wildfire - thanks a lot!
+Joe Rideout , +Raj Mehra - I encounter the same issue (HTC Wildfire/Froyo, Dolphin Browser Mini 2.2): Whenever I want to share a post with my circles from the mobile version, I get a "Could not fetch circles" error. Haven't tried any other browser yet, and can't use the app because no space left (seriously, guys, 25 MB and cannot be installed to SD?! you must be kidding...), so it would be fantastic to see this fixed!
fwiw, i also get the could not fetch circles error, and on the mytouch slide. the web interface doesnt recognize the fn or shift keys. for instance in this post. there are some very serious shortcomings. input boxes dont even display the curson so its difficult to edit. and all this on the native android browser. really not well implemented at all.
the app is larger than every other app other than maps, which is also ridiculously big.
Ever since it was launched I heave been trying to use the non-basic mobile webapp in my Nokia N8, but the same two issues persist: the "could not fetch circles" error, and we also can't check-in. Will that change with an upgrade of the website by google, or must we wait for browser updates to e.g. support some special html 5 thing?
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