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Hey folks - The team has been working hard to fix some of the bugs you reported in the last release of the Google+ app for Android. I'm happy to announce that the newest version (v. 1.0.8) is rolling out today from Android Market:

Bug fixes in this release:
Fixed a bug that prevented installation on some devices
Improved messenger notification reliability
Numerous crash fixes
Disable speakerphone when headset is plugged in for hangouts
New translations

Release notes can be found here:

Thanks again for all your patience, and please continue to send us your feedback!
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Thanks! Just as a feature suggestion I'd love to use Hangouts with my Droid X and the rear-facing camera but the app prevents it. Hopefully this can make its way into a future release, but until then keep up the great work!
What about an app for Symbian!!!! PLEASE!!!
+Joe Rideout Always good to hear about improvements to the G+ App for Android, especially since I'm using it on both my Android phone and my Android tablet!

But ... In the releasenotes I still don't see improvements for the Honeycomb tablets. Now that colleagues at work are gloating over the new facebook app on their iPad, I am dying to show an equally beautiful G+ app on my Honeycomb tablet. Please please please make this happen soon!
I completely agree with +Hayo Jongbloed, need a tablet optimised version asap 
Jon M
I had to uninstall and then re-install to get the update since the market did not see one was available.
My phone is not showing that an update is available. Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the new version?
I found the update! I had several updates waiting but my phone didn't notify me :( Guess I'll have to check more often ;) Thanks for all the hard work on the app!!
The app is now 30mb on my nexus one. That is ridiculous
Why do you work and release 1.0.8 when there is 2.0.0 already available on the network? (There are some issues with newer version but still...)
When will it be out for windows phone 6.0?
+Marek Grochocki 2.0.0 doesn't work with some phones I believe, they might use the 1.x branch to maintain compatibility with older devices. I don't know this for certain obviously, just guessing...
Any chance for a Blackberry version?
+Nick Coad 2.0.0 does have some issues with stability too but have a nicer UI and some new features. One issue is that you can't post public posts so it is useless for now.
+Marek Grochocki well, not useless, I have never posted a single public post. But yeah, I get what you mean. I've definitely noticed some stability issues - for some reason I had to uninstall it because it made my contacts app crash repeatedly. Very odd!
On my Motorola Droid and also on the Droid X running version 1.0.8, notifications still don’t work with any consistency. In the cases of the gMail and gVoice apps, these both work from the moment you turn these two phones on and they never quit. The only reason you would not get a notification would be if you have syncing and or notifications turned off. The G+ app is not started automatically and then when you start it, after a period of non-use this app is stopped preventing any additional notifications.
Thanks for the update.
Will there be a tablet version of G+ in near future? G+-ing on Android tablets isn't that comfortable as it could be. :-(
Well done! +1 for the update! You deserve some "Ice Cream"... and a "Sandwich"! ;)

hang on a min.. ;)
+Joe Rideout, Please make the Hangout possible for Nexus One. Even though it does not have a front facing camera, at least it can still join the Hangout.
Please also add the possibility to start a Hangout from mobile device.
I got it and it works for my phone! market shut me out for two weeks...hopefully this does not happen again with any forthcoming updates. 1.7 was driving me bananas!
Doesn't work on my HTC Wildfire. It says: 'Please enable your wireless connection...' when it is enabled and connected. Anyone else have this issue?
Mine tells me there is insufficient space when there is clearly enough space to install the app. HTC Desire
+Kevin Laing You may be suffering from the same issue I am. I posted a link further up in the comments. Take a look and if so share it and send feedback.
The connection issue I was having was resolved after I uninstalled and installed again the application. Strange but it worked.
I would be happy to see the browser version work on my Android phone in the native browser. Needless to say, it doesn't....
I use Samsung Note GT-N7000.
Have error message: package file is invalid when installing the apps .
Pls help go fix it, thanks! 
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