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    Co-Founder, 2012 - present
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    Software Engineer, 2006 - 2010
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Toronto, ON
Lennoxville, QC - San Francisco, CA - Toronto, ON - Montreal, QC - Lennoxville, QC - New York, NY
Co-Founder @ Relay, Xoogler, Engineer
Founder, Relay (
Former Product Manager, Google+ Mobile
Former Engineer, Google Mobile

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I once won a t-shirt for eating the "hottest vindaloo in South America"
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    MSc. Computer Science
  • University Of Waterloo
    BMath Computer Science
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Joe Rideout

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Great mention of +Relay in this article from Brazil.
10 apps para substituir o WhatsApp caso tudo dê errado
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You have whatsapp
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Car in my neighborhood after the Toronto ice storm. Nice auto awesome snow effect ha ha ha.
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Joe Rideout

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I'm impressed.
An Olympic Improvement.
I think it is probably right to say that McKayla would have been impressed if she did a "back to the future" to ...

via Reddit.
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wow I love em
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Joe Rideout

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The sriracha seems like a key part of the formula here.
A ramen beard bowl. On the fence between "TOTALLY BRILLIANT" and "EW GROSS".

#ramen   #gif   #beardbowl   #beard  
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That... is... amazing... and horrifying... and... and... I don't even... can't look away...
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Joe Rideout

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Wise words from my former manager and a great leader, +Punit Soni 
I had a few people ping me on my cheat sheet for team building and organization. Posting my late night top 10 list on building and running great teams. Some are even a bit contradictory (isn't that just life!). 

- Have a clear mission (statement). Always. Every team needs something to stand for

- Organize the team for (over)communication and execution. Whether it is a small startup or a large company, having some basic cadence in place is key (standups, Thurs dogfood builds, weekly launches, OKRs etc find your fit). It provides a framework to operate

- Process is sometimes thought of as a bad thing. If process helps execution, then so be it.  If process is used to substitute for weak leadership, lack of trust, or worse to micromanage, then push back. Hard.

- Be honest with your team. Trust them. "Buffering' the team from critical decisions/information is a recipe for disaster. I think some variation of this applies to your product's users too

- A wise colleague once said, "A leader always explains or fixes". This is amazingly true. Need to explain your decisions to your team or go fix them.

- Hang out with your team. Sit with them and talk about their life/ambitions. Make sure its a group of friends and not just a team of colleagues. There is a lot of stress in what we do, its best to go through it with friends

- The best thing you can do for your team is to back those who have potential. Work hard on their behalf, expose them to huge opportunities, open doors for them, they will fly and hopefully take the team with them

- Its ok to be very very detailed and micromanage while you build up trust. But you better build it up fast.. and then let go. Let your leads make decisions, let them own, and see how they rise to the challenge
- Make decisions. Be decisive. But thoughtfully. Sitting on the fence is painful (literally). Making random decisions without context is way worse

and finally...

Be Brave. Question everything. Disagree if you think something is a mistake (but then commit if that is the plan outlined by your leader). Don't be overawed by positions/titles, ask hard questions. If someone fires you because you questioned them, its not the right org anyways.
However don't just find issues. Help solve them!

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Joe Rideout

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My new startup. Mobile chat with GIFs and YouTube videos. iPhone only for now (sorry!) but Android coming soon. 
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woohoo +Joe Rideout! 
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Have him in circles
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Joe Rideout

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Yes! It tastes better with pure cane sugar.

As a child, that's the way I remember it. So when I taste a MexiCoke (that's what we call it in our house) it immediately transports me back to those times.

The Costco, when I lived in NJ, always stocked it. But down here in FL it's more difficult to find.

Bonus info... If you're a Dr. Pepper fan, you can get that with pure cane sugar from the Dublin, TX bottling plant. Really interesting story.
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I'm proud to announce that +Relay is now available for Android! Relay is a fast, free way to find and message hilarious animated GIFs on mobile. Check it out at:

We put a lot of engineering work into making sure the GIFs download fast and go easy on your data connection and we hope you get a kick out of it. If you like it, help us out by sharing this post and giving us a +1 in the Play Store.

Huge thanks in advance for your help!
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+Joe Betsill we may need to improve that ui. Thanks for the feedback!
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Joe Rideout

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Hah. I like this line: "classic GIF players that were popular before the rise of modern technology"
The Giphoscope - a real life, hand-cranked GIF player that is ordered and customized specifically for your GIF of choice. Would you buy one?
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Joe Rideout

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Even if you’re a fan of animated gifs—say you were the first to email your friends the slow loris very slowly eating a rice ball (—you may not know that the origins of animation go as far back as 1879 and Eadweard Muybridge’s “zoopraxiscope” (see our doodle homage to Muybridge: Gifs have been around since 1987 and have become the de facto standard for short animations on the web, from pony glitter text ( to grumpy cat memes (

Starting today, there’s an easier way to unearth those gems: when you do an image search, click on “Search tools” below the search box, then select “Animated” under the “Any type” dropdown box.

We’ve also added a second handy filter: if you’re after the perfect picture of Easter basket clipart ( but must have one with a transparent background, simply select “Transparent” under the “Any color” dropdown box.
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Go GIFs....go
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