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Agents are asking about the "Powercube" here's a small hint.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: In a different century, I would be shouting Eureka. 
I have successfully stabilized the formula for XM containment
and see no reason why I could not build a prototype 'powercube' within days.
Sent at 10:08 PM on Friday
This chat is off the record
Zeke: v. good news. 
any deployment risks I need to be aware of?
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: Only that intelligence will be heightened exponentially. 
I suspect that others will have epiphanies at the same rates that I have..
Zeke: ok.
that worries me. 
While you seem to have no neg. side effects, others might react differently.
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: Do you want me to hold off the deployment?
Zeke: no.
Keep working.
keep me apprised of your progress.
Oliver Lynton-Wolfe: Will do.
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XM Containment....  So a container to store xm?
XM Battery? Portal mod to improve XM cloud output?
Ted Juch
Hopefully it goes over 9000. Or at least to 11. 
Probably store extra xm. Useful if you're attacking a high-level portal cluster, or trying to defend a portal remotely through recharging. Right now there's little point in defending remotely if the attacker is above level 3 or so.

edited for clarity.
+Jan Moren how so? plenty of ap to be had while defending 125 ap per res deployment compared to 75 ap per destroyed res that takes 3-4 bursters to take down depending on the attackers level.
+Arron Soiland I meant remote recharging, not on-site defence. If you can deploy it changes completely of course; the defender has the advantage.
Portal mod to store additional XM perhaps?
I just hacked to my limit without getting any. I also tried recharging til I was dead, blowing up stuff, everything I could do to make a power cube. Nadda.
When will they go active? Has anyone seen one yet? 
I imagine Power Cubes are like eating dehydrated space food: add a hint of water, and voila! More delicious XM served.
Someone said they found one laying near a portal, and said this about them, "its exhausted. Basically, it sits next to the portal and super charges it, reminded me of the old multihack days. I now have 100+ more  lv 8 xmp as a result of a little bit of hacking!"
They have not been released as of yet....soon
Thanks +Joe Philley for confirming. I called out that "someone" for shopping and my post got deleted. 
+Joe Philley thanks for the clarification, was about to go back out again... Would have only been worth the additional heat from the wife if I had a chance of getting a new item.
+John Hyrne just tagging you in...  +Bill DeWitt above quoted what I was reading earlier, but apparently it was bonk because they haven't been released yet...
Can anyone please tell me how do we acquire these power cubes thing...Anyone??
We don't' know yet. Chillax. The mystery is half the fun :) 
That is a fake. Search Google Images for purple's the first result.
I realized it was an XM container right when I saw the title, and the chatlog only cemented my belief. Considering that it has a separate inventory category, it's not a mod - I think that much is obvious.
totally fake... Fonts don't match. 
So Energon Cubes? When do we build the Space Bridge to Cybertron?
Portable XM should justify more remote portals with less readily available XM concentration. Assuming XM concentration is really a criteria for portal approval in the first place. 
First person to deploy one gets a drink on me. 
I have encountered the cubes before. I'm telling you they are very dangerous, they want you to take them into your homes so they can learn your weaknesses and a year later they will kill off the entire planet!

- ThePortalDoctor
Isn't that a sci fi movie? The cube? 
this provide extra xm when we need a most right
Allen A
+Zeke Cao Yes, it sure is

Good stuff here in the post. Thanks everyone!
--aSquard E8
Why do we really need to store xm unless it becomes scarce soon? That would b sweet. Right now the only way to really lose it is to recharge. Attacking enemy portals doesn't do much damage anymore 
Yep reddit has known about power cubes since forever. 
Probably that's scanner mod, which add certain ability when you have it. Something like manna or health potion :) 
Wolf " see no reason why I could not build a prototype "power cube"in a few days" sent 10:08pm on Friday.... leads me to believe we may be seeing these in a few days, if not, sooner. Additionally, it's either going to be additional xm stored for the agent, a vessel to put xm into to give to another agent, or a vessel to charge xm with too add to the portal as a mod.
That post was made in November. Not last Friday. 
+Zeke Cao copy, but to satisfy my own curiosity, where was this posted or what media was it a part of? I searched it, but couldn't find anything. And since Joe just posted this 5 hours ago, without any reference to a previous post or time frame,I assumed it was current.

Never mind, after a little more digging I found it. Never came across the media referring to it and the aforementioned communique was before my time. Thanks for the correction.
Just found it after a little more digging just before you posted, edited my previous post. Thanks for linking that for me anyways, it's hard to keep up with all this stuff... rather in my case, catching up :)
No problem. The answers you were looking for are also a few comments above your questions. Be sure to read back through all of them. And please do so for future reference :) information is everywhere, just have to search for the right phrase. 
You guys are all wrong. Intelligence increased exponentially? It's clearly a binder full of media! Now you can gather expired passcodes quicker than ever!
+Zeke Cao wow, I can't believe I missed that, I'm normally pretty good at reading everything before posting... who's the goose... me.
No worries! We're here to help
+Matt Mangat Three minutes after I called him on it in his own discussion, the whole thing got deleted. Oops …
It is an XM draining device that players can drop as "mines". When enemy players go near it, it explodes/whatever and reduces the XM of the person who walked over it/near it.
Can you give me a hint when there will be new codes for (german) users? Would so love to be part of this but waiting since december for a code and never got one.... :/ +Joe Philley 
Sit on reddit. They give out plenty of codes. 
If you join resistance and be will to assist my Belgian team, we can grant you a code. 
Someone said that is superpowers a portal and reminds him of the multi hacking days
That person lied. It was fake 
Eureka may correlate with Archimedes and one of his principles...
+Arien Huckeba any details on this strategy? Haven't heard of it
+Eric Archambault - the defender has great advantage. Tested in the field... And even level doesn't matter. Only important thing is to gave enough resonators...
If your internet is good deployment is almost instantenious. And if internet is bad - then firing is also slowed down - sometimes even freezes...
I got 4 power cubes, I saw it can storage xm, the lv1 powercubes only can get 1000xm, the powercubes lv4 4000xm maybe there are many types of powercubes the common only can storage xm. It looks like a 3d cube just like used in the comics tranformers.
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