Now this is class Let me know I'll be sure he's welcomed in LA .
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I address this post to the leaders of global Resistance first, and tagging my Enlightened fellows as well.

As you all know from the recent Ingress Report update,  #EliteV  agents will take part in the  #Recursion  caravan heading to Los Angeles for the series finale. We, the Russian Ingress community, decided that sending one more  #crazyrussian  there would add more thrill to this event. The decision is made during cross-faction meetings and leaders of both factions in many cities gladly support crowdfunding the flight to San Francisco for the most renowned Resistance agent in Russia.

I am talking about +Anton Khudozhnik IGN Toxyd, most worthy opponent I have ever encountered both in Russia and worldwide. You may see his Elite V nomination post here:

While not chosen, he at least deserves to take part in the series finale and have some fun in LA - that's my opinion as an Enlightened agent hereby representing top Russian Ingress communities. It will be an honour to me to be the first to donate for his trip.

We're aiming to collect $1500 to cover flight expenses. If you can donate, please use the following PayPal account:

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Philipp Walther +Linda Besh +Kira Kroger +Nikolas Moore +Irina Sokolova +Irina Belousova +Tzafrir Rehan +Brandon Downey +Rai Molki +Damien Mórka +Sergey Wyrdyjet +Kay Tame
+Ivan P. +Travelling Particle +Alex Ozhegov +Dmitriy T +Ruth Shepherd +Jorge Steffen +Kent Long +RaMs BaMs +Andrew Belenkiy +Andrew Krug +Nastya Kirillova +Serg Lomov +Daniil Tameev +Alex Ozhegov +Natalia Mikhaleva +Marina Trunova +Maria Ilyushina +Igor Volk +Gilles WEBER +Loyd Hutchings +Brent Hollett +Roma Druzhinin 

...and please add/tag those who you think should receive this message.
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