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the most distructive weapon in the story of humanity... 
I think we're unable to live without computers nowadays
they want to slow our evolution...
+Richard White  well,  computers without power are useless ;) ( unless you finished preparation for 12.12.2012, and your solarplant is ready  ;)) .Power plants are so defenceless ;) 
This has been the case in several different types of clusters and inpusvapen type of electromagnetic pulse. There is also research on unlocking eneri in the form of laser and micro waves, these can turn out items by arcing in electronics, and also cause extreme pain of injury to persons in the direction where water molecules cooking and heating occurs in the skin! In low doses only temporary pain, but we can high-energy cause burns!

If a bomb detonated high in the atmosphere, the X-ray radiation to ionize the upper layers of air, putting large amounts of electrons in motion. The moving charge causes a strong instantaneous broadband radio pulse, a so-called electromagnetic pulse. The pulse is powerful enough that the metal will act as antennas. In these creates an induced voltage can be very high, but short-lived. Such tension is devastating to modern electronics in the form of computers, including the control systems in cars and airplanes. Generally speaking, electronic circuitry with small dimensions sensitive than electronics with larger dimensions. The risk of injury is also increased if the electronics are connected to long conductors, such as antennas or telephone lines. An electromagnetic pulse can have a very long reach. In a nuclear war there would, for example, enough with a few bombs to knock out any unprotected electronics throughout North America. There are no known biological effects of an electromagnetic pulse. Electronics can be protected by being enclosed in a Faraday cage, but it is difficult to protect equipment normally emit or receive radio waves, such as radar and radios.
To access the equipment is protected in caverns so, one could imagine that a # Preamble # ingressinvite could have a resistance movement to connect a high-voltage facility type Tesla Poland or Tesla transformer as it is also called is very different from a conventional transformer. I shorten the TS. It should be well noted that a TS from the beginning was not really intended to "shoot" lightning but is a side effect that has been used because of its spectacular value. close this could release high energy type terra volts into the usual electricity through substation switchgear or to a building of strategic value, when the tension is released so burnt connected microchip circuits. NOTE: this is just a theory of a resistance movement in the Preamble to neutralize items!
I am waiting 4 weeks.....please send me an activation code
I have a very bad feeling about this technology.

They ar3 trying to st.0000o´p me!
But I knoW..]/]/]/]]  Th@t t|-|ey can't ] ]][[]]do IT.
P1ea$e. #ingressinvite  
^^ No. 1337 speak they do not.
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