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I listened to the last Verge mobile show today, and they had an interesting conversation about bringing free and open to mobile. The discussion pertained to how the carriers and OEMs would fight to keep things as locked down as possible. In order to get to where we'd liked to be with free and open, we'd have to change the minds of companies like carriers and OEMs, as now the shift is hugely to mobile. I still have yet to hear anything compelling as to why those companies would want to do that. 
It will come down to the everyday people like you and me buying our handsets from Google Play, unlocked and ready to go. Using prepaid services like StraightTalk (for example) to lower our bills and show these juggernaut companies we're not going to stand for that. That's just for the US, as I realize other countries operate on different models and will have a different set of challenges to overcome. We just need to figure out how to get people to move to these alternative models so companies get the message, and begin to follow Google's model.
We have a right to browse the web freely and without restrictions! It's the same concept for which we have freedoms of speech! Governments would never dare take the latter from us, why take the former? The internet has become the only true source of information now, and governments are scared!
Yes, yes you say it! watch Priate Bay and other file-sharers who got back!
There are countries that imprison and execute dissidents, some drifts as Général Idi Amin Dada ate up some enemies.
Google has from the beginning had the good policy to hide the IP addresses of known countries persecution of dissidents, in order to support freedom of thought and writing. Join and provide your vote!
Swenska Government and Swerige are informed!
Still not Invited do I work on it! ;-)
Down with stifling humanity's spread of information and thus evolution! Up with freedom and bringing us to the next level! 
agree, and open games need to be opened and not be sealed by an invitation. By now, I liked the idea to use ingress as it was in former days like gmail (invitations).
But to post an article about open source (or thouths), and to talk about "open internet" is not acceptable (by now it is a repost). Open source behind closed doors (well done sir). Welcome to a new wold order ! It is a good example why not to consume the nexusX Systems. For myself, I was (and currently am) an Apple user, disgusted by their politics, but, for true, google is going the same way..... -1 sorry....there is no dislike button.
I don't have any artistic talent nor am I'm not going to make a fool out of myself for the chance of being "noticed" for an invite.  I'm going to simply just ask may I have an invite please?  #ingressinvite
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