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And we are proud to have you.Your code is on the way.
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Joe Philley I have been waiting for activation code for three weeks. May i get one from you Please? Thanks.
I'd like a code too, if they're still available!
please pass me the code, I'm dying to play!
SAME HERE! I NEED to play... Need to claim my whole hometown >:)
Sean R.
want to play, need a code =)
Haven't we learned from Google plus that making people ask to get in just makes things a pain in the butt. #ingressinvite
Invites obviously didnt work for Google+. And to do it with ingress? I lobe my G+ but just being honest. Its obvious I deserve a code ;)
Got my new and shinny Nexus 4 delivered last Friday and would love to join the Resistance to defend the Earth!
I want one too be waiting and waiting. Hell even got it on my phone ready to go. 
Yea.... I hear games like this are better when there is more people playing. Not less.
Paul J
OKC needs a strong resistance presence...we must save humanity before its too late....enlist me so I can do my part!! #ingressinvite
The Resistance needs me and I need the Resistance. Please, I need an invite!
Oh my lord, I'm trying to be patient. There will be an extra dollar in it for you, fit an invite. Lol
Please add me I really really would like to play this game! 
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