I am really blessed.

A friend of mine decided to get a small group of his friends together in a Google+ Hangout to get IPv6 and IPSec working on their respective networks/border routers using the #HurricaneElectric   #tunnelbroker ; my friend, Karl, in Alexandria, VA, one of his colleagues in Portland, OR, and another near(ish) me in Boston, NY.  One more elected not to join us.  Karl had known I have had one tunnel or another since 2008, so experience and some expertise was my contribution to the group.

I'm not sure how the conversation turned to hardware, but I don't have anything impressive by modern standards, with my newest machine being vintage 2007 (an Athlon 64 X2-based system), when one in our Hangout mentions he has some hardware which he's just going to toss on the Boston trash heap, so if you (referring to me) wouldn't mind driving out this way you can pick up this stuff for nothing, just the cost of fuel.  I have a fairly fuel efficient car, a 2008 Elantra, so I thought, what the heck, even if only some of this stuff works, it's only a few dollars for fuel.

When I got there, we chit-chatted some about this and that, and he starts enumerating the stuff I could take with me, starting with some HDDs.  The capacities STARTED at 160GB, which was the largest in my inventory, with most of them being 4.3GB, 9GB, 20GB, etc.  He handed me a 1TB drive then a 1.5TB drive, and all manner of storage that I could use.  Since I didn't have much experience with them, I asked something to the effect, SATA cables are pretty cheap, right?

Want some?

Well, if you have some to spare, sure, thank you very much.  So he handed me a whole gaggle of SATA data cables of varying lengths.

Here: how would you like to experiment with this really small USB sound controller?

Yes, thank you very much.

You want this Cisco access point?  All you'll need to get for it is a 48V power supply, or inject it via PoE.

Really?  Yes, thank you very much.

Do you have a console cable for that so you can administer it?

Well, no...

Let's see if I happen to have one...yes, looks like I do.  Here you go.

And we proceeded to go through a few different pieces of hardware, RAM, processors, all manner of miscellaneous things, some of them for which I honestly had no use, so I politely said no thank you.

On one of the systems, we removed the heatsink to look at what processor it was, and I remarked, shouldn't that have thermal paste reapplied to that before really using that?

Do you have any?


Well...let's see what I can do for you...and he handed me a small syringe of thermal paste.  Clearly it's something that he could eventually use, but just so that I didn't have to go out and acquire it myself, he just said something to the effect of here, have at it, I have more, don't worry.

It was just one thing after another, here, want this?  Honestly, I don't understand why he didn't keep this stuff for himself, but what I did see was quite an impressive array of in-use hardware anyway, so I guess it was just not at all useful to him and his family, all (mostly) higher end than what he gave me.

The point is, there are at least some very generous people who think absolutely nothing about giving of themselves and helping out someone who doesn't have a lot.  I give thanks to God that we have such people, and that if we just try hard to follow His word, He will occasionally bless us beyond our hopes.
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