shucks. The internal sound on my Nexus 7 is now distorted. It clips. Or at least it SOUNDS like it's clipping. It has never done this as far as I know until today. If I plug in headphones it sounds OK, so it's not something funky going on with the D/A converters or the software. It's either something where the speakers got inexplicably damaged, or the driver is botched (thinking MAYBE a capacitor has gone wonky). I don't know the circuits, but I wouldn't doubt it if the headphone and speaker drivers were separate.

Oh, well. It has been working well lo these many years, and it will still perform one of its duties, which is to make noise for Google Calendar notifications. That should work OK, even clipped. Plugging in headphones is usually what I'd be doing anyway for hi fi and left-right separation, or I'd be Iinking up Bluetooth.
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