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Joe Nerdan
The good things are for free
The good things are for free

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Finding a shortcut only means you got used to take the long way around before.

I started using cat and mail to send me text from tmux to X11. Stupid me, if you select text with the mouse while holding shift it is in your clipboard.


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What kind of task/time/lifemanager can i use on my Android Phone?

I loved Astrid but discovered it 5 Days before it shut down. Wunderlist is ok but not being able to set a date for multiple tasks at once or to have a task in multiple lists and missing a "new task" button in the widget make me look for sth. else.

What are you using and what/how are you doing with it?

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Projekt Hitzeschild! Und Gesundheit!

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Want to enjoy life more?

Read how to add customCSS to pages here

and add

@-moz-document domain( {#watch-discussion{display:none!important;} #cm{display:none!important;}

to hide comments below youtube videos.
Maybe a browser restart is needed to remove the stupidity from the web.
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